Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sooo.. In short my operation was cancelled very last min.. As in I was in hospital in a hospital gown waiting to go into theatre when I was told there are no hospital beds so they were going to have to cancel. 

So I may be out longer than expected.. I do however plan to, depending on what date my operation is moved to (I've been told might be some time in January) come down to London.

As I am still poorly I will be limited on sessions I will be doing, deffo will be no wrestling sessions. I'm hoping I find out before Xmas when my new date will be, which means I can advise you guys of date with abit of notice.

If your interested in booking time with me drop me and email and will update you first before I update blog with availability.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Why in the hell have I never spotted these on the internet before?!

I'm sure these badboys would give a whole 5 mins of laughs at Christmas amongst the adults then a whole half hour of awkwardness once everyone's brats spot them hanging from the tree. Either way.. I had a short giggle so thought ild share

Boredom strikes..... (Ur ass hard with a cane)

Soooo... I have a little time off work thanks to my's been 2 days and im already bored as hell...

Although I'm supposed to be "taking it easy" (what ever that means) I've managed to get all my Xmas shopping done, exhausted all the interesting films on Netflix, masterbated a obseen amount of times and fantasised about all sorts of filth.. All whilst purposely forgetting to change my pants. I have invited a friend of mine over tomorrow, and he has no idea but I'm going to make him sniff them, prehaps clean them with his mouth if I'm in a particularly nasty mood. Not sure how well that's going to go down but who gives a fuck right... Either way I'm going to get what I want.

Anyway.. Boredom strikes for today so decided to don my swimming costume and admire my curves,... And I also took some photo's


As I'm off work now would be the perfect time for those who want to send me Christmas gifts to crawl kn over to my amazon wish list

I particularly want the Wii U, however if your pockets can't stretch that far for this amazing black goddess then there other things on my list which I will be happy with. 
This wish list doesn't tell me who purchases what, so if you want to be abit more personal send me an gift card to my email with a message (

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"Porn" is about to get very boring

Someone sent me the following link yday, although ild heard abit about it already through various forums before hand.

I think porn is going to be very fucking boring going forward.... Goddam hitlers. A lot of the things on the list is what I type into search engines when I'm looking for "porn". 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Femdom Links as promised

First.... I will say that "happy endings" for subs are not my thing at all! however some of the vids are ok up until that point. Also.. I'm very much for female supremacy, so vids where females are subs.. I tend to use my imagination and pretend I've dressed a sub guy up as a sissy, or just pretend it's your wife who would be to stupid and weak to even classify under "female" ;) As mentioned before I haven't had a chance to look through all of them.

This one is one of my fav 

Does anyone know where the second part of this may be?
So.. Results are back, well were back abit ago. I just haven't got round to updating here, as wasn't sure exactly how much information was necessary.

In short... I'm going to be having an operation within the next 3 weeks (yes that soon) which will help with my current symptoms. Means I may be spending Xmas in hospital depending on recovery after op. But blurgh.  I've also got to start being a lot more healthier, meaning no more meals for two for one, binges or smoking :( for now. All in the name of getting better. 

Anyway, that's enough of that , although short that's more information than a lot of my family and friends know.

Thanks to all who sent me links and those who took the time to write me stories . I'm really overwhelmed with the amount of emails sent with get well wishes. 

A lot of good links, which will share in the next hour or so, just charging my iPad first. I haven't had a chance to look through them all yet but will share most.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Quick update..

Not feeling 100% at the moment, so won't be in either London or Liverpool this side of Christmas.

Have a few hospital appointments coming up and a wait for results.... Nothing serious ( I hope)

Going to drive me fucking nuts slowing down, but got to be done.

Doesn't mean by no means I'm disappearing off the scene, just means I can't be travelling all over.


Anyone want to cheer me up/take me mind off things?? Send me links to nawty things, big black booties squashing pathetic white guys, femdom YouTube vids, etc etc ( think you guys already know what I'm into )

Or if anyone has got any time on there hands and knows how to photo shop stuff , how about sending me a photo shopped pic of me from me site with me sitting or standing on a celebrity, some skinny white bitch, or snobbish celebrity bastard. Haha the thought of that one already has me smiling.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

London or Liverpool...!?

I hadn't intended to head to London again this year,  however I still am getting a few emails about sessions down there this year so might make a further visit.

Haven't really been up north this year, so simple question?  

North or South? 

Drop me an email if you want a session is either and will decide where to next tour.

Would be either last weekend in November or First weekend in December 



Back from vactation, and super fast internet connection. It is 2:30 am and I'm wide awake and catching on my emails.

I had a great time, a lot of sun sea sand and cocktails ;) exactly what I should be spending my time doing (relaxing). Was a long two weeks with my vanilla friends and often found myself lounging on a sunbed on the beach by the ocean, watching men walk past me and imagining how I would either wrestle them to the ground and force them to submit to me infront of there partners, or smothering them with my big ass until the passed out. Exciting daydreams where had on that beach ;)

Took a pic of me ready for the beach as promised to someone.. I forget exactly who, as it's early and had 1 hour sleep on a plane.. In the past 32 hours.

Anyway enjoy my perfect for smothering pic's

Friday, 26 September 2014


I've had limited internet access recently, so haven't had a chance to reply to all of my emails.

I will be back to full emails replies and more post at the start of the month 


Black Empress is looking for a slut

I have had a lot of emails where people (both male and female) have asked to become my slut and be pimped out by me.
I have done this before with a few regular clients however I'm now looking for someone abit more permanent and local..

You wanna prove to black empress how devoted you can be?!

Think you can become the ultimate slut to avoid punishment.

Drop me and email with why you think your gaping mangina and vacuum sucking skills would be best to fit the position. Age, location, pic (doesn't have to include face but is a bonus) is a must.

Must be able to accommodate some (not all) of the time, wether in property of hotel. 

You would be expected to be put to work by me earning money for me, however I see fit.

Of course will always be safe, you will be my property after all.

No time wasters.

Replies will be sent to all serious emails.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

ABC's of Death - F is for Fart!!

Ermmm has anyone watched this weird horror movie.... ??


I've got got F is for Fart... And thought I would share the YouTube link for those who like to smell farts... Farts rank enough to kill you!!


Friday, 5 September 2014

Does my ass look big In this...... Yes?! ..... Good

Black Empress has arrived in London!

After abit of a nightmare getting here (which I cba to go into) I've finally arrived. 

I'm really excited for the weekend ahead , looking forward to lots of everything, food, drink, partying, squashing, farting, trampling all sorts...

But for now I'm sitting semi naked in front of a fan (electric one😜 )stuffing my face!!

It's a shame I don't have anyone to rub my swollen tummy after.

I will take a few pic's over the weekend and possibly a vid for Vimeo as have brought my iPad with me.

Will update again over the weekend or on Monday

Before I go, I've received a fair few things off my amazon wish list during the week n tday ;) wanted to thank everyone who sent me things. I do enjoy coming home from a long day at work to gifts ;) Almost set for my holiday now.

I literally inhaled a pack of these Haribo Rhubarb and custard sweets on the train down and now can't find any down here, anyone who's coming to see me this weekend happen to see these in a shop, grab a bag for me, will be mucho appreciated.... If not I've just added them to my wish list ;)

That's all from me for now 


Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm at work again... Doing everything but work and look what I came across..

Haha did make me laugh, and a little bit aroused thinking of secretly tying someone down in the dungeon to be pissed in by unsuspecting punters...


Back to work 

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Lazy Sunday,

Spent the day with a sub , went to watch Expendables 3, then for a meal.

Did abit of interweb shopping, buying things for my holiday coming up. Want to treat me to some last bits...? You know where my wish list is ;)

Spending the rest of the evening with my feet up geeking out, playing playstation 3.

After, going to paint my nails whilst sipping on a glass of white.

Bluurgh why do weekends go so fast ...

Looking forward to visiting London in a few weeks, if you've emailed me about a session and haven't received a reply, drop me another email.

Just remembered I have this cute little keyring someone made for me and gave me during my last doubles day ;)
Love it 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Saturday 13th September Birmingham Doubles Day

Just been speaking to Ms Saskia about coming down to London with me, but unfortunately she's unable to. So we are going to be doing a doubles day on the 13th Septemeber.

This will be out last Doubles Day of the year.

Rates will be normal doubles day rates of £100 per hour. 

Drop me an email and make sure it's clear that you want to book for the doubles date and not my Solo London dates.

London Dates 5-7th Septemeber

So the dates been set and hotel booked,

Will be doing sessions 4th -7th in London.  Although in theory appears as 3 days, will need to bare in mind when trying to book that will be working from a hotel, and check in times at 3:30 on the 4th and check out time is 11.

I already have already booked in a few hours already, so limited spots. Drop me and email with a round about time you would like to book, and also the type of session you would like and I will try and fit you in.

For those who I can't see this time, I will be back in the new year so watch out for updates ;)

Ahhh and for the record... I don't do hand relief, sex, foot jobs etc Your penis doesn't interest me one bit. It's alll about me. (Thought ild clarify again due to emails I've received) 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I'm baaaack!!

Im back... Not that you knew ild been anyway anywho ;) 

Had a short trip over to Amsterdam and it's also festival season so have been kept pretty busy as always.

Anyway.. London. I'm looking to book 5th -7th September or 12-14th September, I've had a lot of emails about sessions down in London, rates will be £100ph.

People who are interested drop me an email with preferred dates etc. My plan is to see parts of London aswell so only taking a few sessions, so get in quick.

Ahhh fuck, it's 1am as I update this and I've just remembered I had a report for work due tomorrow morning... Haven't fucking started it.. Instead of starting it I'm going to dream of ways to manipulate  the boss to giving me more time. Not sure how well that's going to go considering I recently told him exactly what I thought if him.....

Anyway... I'm going to leave you with the link of me shaking my ass,

Enjoy ;)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Just about to watch Kick Ass 2, so getting comfortable on teddy, 

Thought I would share a few snaps before I settled for the night 

Doubles Day Update!! - just realised this didn't post...!

Just taking a nice hot bath and thought I would do a quick update, the doubles day went great. I had a good catch up with Black Honey aka Ms Saskia, and had an ever more amazing time during the sessions.

We both enjoyed alot of squashing, smothering and trampling.

The newbie did very well during his session, considering it was his first time. I had a lot of fun terrorising him ;). I also got gifted a new. "Dance floor" during one of the sessions, Sas and I enjoyed stomping the fuck out it. 

I've taken a few pictures, again only on my phone, and a short clip of the dance floor in action. Although not entirely sure how to upload the clip direct so may put it on my vevo.

We are planning another doubles day pretty soon due to the amount of sessions I had to turn down as there simply wasn't enough hours in the day. 
(Btw if you didn't receive a response about a session that was me turning it down, I had too many to reply to everyone plus my phone only stores a certain amount of emails so if you didn't get a reply straight away chances are your email got auto deleted) when we have the date for the next doubles day I am planning to log into my PC and email those who enquired before with the dates to give them a fair chance at booking... Chances are though I will forget so look out on the blog for the dates.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Any one interested in a Munch???

Those of you who know me know that im a social butterfly (a sexy one at that.. Fuck modesty) I have a huge range of friends all in different circles all up and down England, and further a field.

After speaking to a few subs about if they have been active on the fetish munch/club/meet scene and alot have said no!?! I suppose it only interests a few people depending on what there poison is. I myself am guilty of the same recently, as haven't been out on the fet scene in awhile for various reasons.

I've been to Birmingam Bizarre Bazzar a fair few times ( and enjoyed myself buy new equipment in the markets and having a play around at the after market party,
I've also been to Camden Crunch down in London, which was an amazing experience. Met some new faces and old faces from down in the area.
Exodus ( is also another amazing place I went to went to with Ms Saskia and a sub. I believe the party they held was an invite only one, but if you ever get an invite jump at it!!!

I met the amazing Ms Saskia at a small munch in a quiet pub in Bham she organised in summer of 2007 and have been best of friends since.

I often make social time for subs I have know for awhile, such as going cinema, out for meals, club nights etc etc

Anyway I digressed a miniscule amount away from the point of this update and got side tracked by thinking of the good times I've had at munches/meets before. I have been speaking to Ms S (black honey) and we have been talking about arranging possible meets, I say meets and not munches as what we do during the meets will vary. It might be that one month we meet and go for a drink, another month we meet and head down to the London Torture Gardens (, or head cinema, head to Amsterdam for the weekend, go to other munches as a group etc I guess the list of things to do is only as restricted as your mind is.

If your interested in being part of something like this, wether I've met you or not, wether your submissive or dominant, a switch, male or female, a couple or poly, even if not from bham then drop me an email and I will collate numbers and see if we can get it started.

Monday, 23 June 2014

I like my big butt and I can not lie...

I'm in love with this heat, walking around my place today in my favourite pants and a tshirt when something pretty awesome caught my eye.... My ass ;) 

Took a few ( shit loads of) pic's, thought ild share the best two 


Thursday, 19 June 2014


Ooooooo Flybe now accept PayPal.. This is great news for me!

Any Rich (or poor I'm not fussy) subs want to donate towards weekend trips away for me via PayPal?? Would make Empress very happy indeed ;)

Doubles Day News

Ms S and I have a few exciting sessions already booked in for our doubles day, looking forward to absolutely shattering ( in a good way) the "session virginity" of one "lucky" sub who has booked a 2 hour stint with us. Also going to have a catch up with one of my favourite rugs who hopefully will be filming with,

I've i can get pictures/clips from the sessions I will share on here, but of ochre I know how important privacy is so will only share if poss, otherwise they will go straight into my wank bank haha

We have received a hellova lot of emails about the session day so thinking of organising another one pretty soon. Watch this space ;)

This was just a quick update of my thoughts whilst I was on the loo(I'm such a lady lol) 

Also.... Football bluurrggh stop ruining my fun!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Venomous Villans....... 

Received this "venomous" lipstick from my Amazon wishlist,

What do you guys think? 

Do these lips now look venomously hypnotising?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Check out my Clips4sale site...

Check out my Clips4Sale store

**** Updates comes soon ****

**** Doubles Session Day 5th July ****

Black Honey (aka Mistress Saskia) and I will be holding another of our popular doubles days on Sat 5th July in Birmingham, location to be confirmed depending on types of sessions we get booked for as some sessions require more room than others.

****Session Types****

Foot worship
Breast Smother
Faces slapping
Butt Drops
Dirty knicker play
Ball Busting
Tickle Torture
Height comparison (Black Honey)

If your fetish isn't listed above drop me an email to see if it's something me and Black Honey would enjoy.


Doubles - 100 ph 
Singles - 80 ph

I will also be doing solo sessions on Sunday 6th July.

To book or enquire email me at

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My feet are killing....  Been a busy day with alot of walking around, it's made me realise my feet have been neglected lately so I've decided to give them and myself abit of TLC

Start of the week bottle of wine and chewies, also feet had a long soak , all moisturised and nails painted... Of course it would have been a lot easier and natural if I had someone here pampering my feet for me...

You will all have to make it up to me, somehow ;)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Weekend work...

6am on a Saturday and I'm up getting ready for work... What the actual fuck...!

And by getting ready for work I mean I'm lying in bed scrolling through nawty sites on my iPad. I guess I'm going to be a lot late...., meh

Very busy weekend planned as per usual, hopefully ending with my ass all up in someone's face ;)

Anyway... I've snoozed my alarm about 15 times now, I really better get up now

Made me laugh. ;)

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Seems like there is abit of drama going on with collar me, Those of you who I talked to or used can now find exact same site under

Anyway..... I'm stuck in work doing overtime... I really shouldn't have occupied myself reading some of the dirty laundry aired on the old collarme link, 

Back to work I go.....

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Received this is the post this morning ;) doesn't say who brought it however thanks!!!
I know what il be doing after lunch tday, munching on down.
Less than 3 hours sleep yday.... Insomnia can be a bitch when in strikes! Going to try catching up on my zzzz's and I shall be back!!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Also... Did I mention I got my amazing ring, and also a pair of amazing earings...

That is all.... ;)

Blurred lines...

blurred lines ......

Is it weird that every time I hear this song I think of fetish related things. I've been kinky/dominant/experimental for a far back as I can remember, so what is normal to me even in a vanilla aspect may be seen as "weird" to others. As much as most protest, ladies do like to gossip and talk about what they get up to or would like to get up to. My close friends are pretty open like that, however I tend to put about 5 filters on what ever I mention... Unless I've had a drink.  I vaguely remember gossiping with a female friend who was talking to me about some things she got up to with her partner, can't exactly remember what she asked me but I blurted out something along the lines of "and I told him if he doesn't shut up I'm going to suspend him upside down on my bedroom door put a dildo gag in his mouth and bang the fuck outta him" erm... Whoopsie. It does make me laugh thinking back on the things my friends have said or done, one has seen teddy and causally asked me if I've fucked him before.... I told her not to be silly it's a teddy... He has no penis (unless I've strapped one to him..) but the real answer should have been yes... I fuck his face regularly.  Another time I remember having a few of my friends round and me going to the bathroom and coming back to find one of my friends wearing a pig mask from my stash chasing the other ladies around.

Anyway I could go on all night.... Moral of this is... My lines are blurred vanilla world watch out!!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kinky? Sadistic? .... Either way this ended up being sent to my inbox for some weird reason  hahaha

Black Empress is not very well at all today... A self inflicted hangover, you all still have permission to feel sorry for me though,
Just munched the biggest dinner ever, Bloated now..... If I were sitting on a slave  now I wouldn't be getting up for anything... We'll maybe cheese cake ;)

I'm just setting dates with photographer for a photo shoot within the next couple of weeks,a busy social schedule meant I wasn't able to do this early but excited now it's all in motion. I've had a few emails with ideas for pic's since my last post, also have a few ideas of my own so  should be fun.

Anyway... Was just a quick update, I'm going back to watching crap and munching sweets in bed

Monday, 28 April 2014

Online browsing....

Can't call it online shopping really as I'm not going to be the one doing the buying ;)

A few things have caught my eye today, mainly because I'm like a magpie with sparkly things.

Which one of you lucky subs are going to treat me???

I've seen the below on


This little beauty on ebay 

Obvs neither site do an anonymous wish list like amazon does so, those who know me can order straight to mine, those that don't can order to there's then arrange to drop it off too me.  (Update - I have the ring)

Failing that.... My Amazon wish list is still open ;)



Mmmm sweet tooth

Cadburys have done it again... To say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement.. Mmmm

I have the day off work with 1001 things to do and I have spent the whole morning (and almost the whole afternoon) gassing on the phone, looking through pictures, surfing the web, playing with Ted and Masterbating. Days off from work are made for doing fuck all ;)

Thought I would share a few pics,

This ones of a slut Mistress Saskia and I destroyed during our last doubles day. We had a lot of fun with this one, although next time I think we should lock his little pussy away.

This one I've taken today, exactly where I'm sitting as I'm writing this update, I think if it were a real human under me he would surely be crushed to death or suffocate with the amount of edits I'm doin on the pictures... What a way to go ;)

And below are two pictures taken of my perfect ass, was taken on the iPad on a timer app hence the quality isn't great. I looooove how big and intimidating and perfect my ass looks in these pics.

I'm looking forward to the weekend ahead, I have a lot of kinky stuff planned and also a trip away. Busy Empress as usual.  I keep meaning to head down to London to do sessions ur haven't got around to it yet, watch this space, another Birmingham sessions (possibly involving ms Saskia) and London dates coming up..

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Surfing the web...

Surfing the web for naughty pictures and I happen to stuble across this beauty, thought I would share with you guys.

My fav pic's being....


I love femdom Art, if you come across you thinkin might enjoy send links on an email to me ;)

Monday, 7 April 2014


Been very busy (as always) the past couple of weeks. 
Started with a extended weekend away in Amsterdam with one of my best girly mates. Seen a lot of sights, took a lot of snaps, ate a lot of cake and seen a lot of very big penises!!!
I won a flight back to Amsterdam (long story) so I shall hopefully be back in the summer possibly doing the odd session if I'm able to give enough notice to book them in. 

This weekend just gone has been pretty busy aswell. Spent it chilling with a sub getting up to absolutely no mischief at all...(yer right) also went to see captain America and spent most the movie with my hands down my pants (haha I joke)

Now I need to catch up on my sleep, a couple of early nights after work should do it. 

I keep being reminded about the pix's that we're going to be taken for me, so will be booking that in the weekend after Easter, if anyone's got any ideas for pic's or anything in particular I've wanted to see a pic of me doing drop me an email and your ideas will be taken into consideration.

Also I haven't updated my clips4sale in ageeees, anyone local want to be in clips and doesn't mind there face or body being on cam or gargling on my piss then drop me a email. In a month or so I will prob do a day of filming, so this warning is very much in advance to give people enough time to show interest. 

Any way, I'm going to get my beauty sleep.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Traveling home from work and decided to glance through my emails and came across these links randomly sent to me....

Very random but kept me entertained on the short journey :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I'm finally back from a long weekend away on an adult only event. Had an amazing time but now I'm overly tired and extra grumpy because of it.

Cheered myself up abit buying some new nawty toys, aswell as google imaging the fuck out of things I was in the mood to see. Any guesses on what I googled?


No idea where I got most these pic's from, however seems to hold a lot of good pictures.

This weekend I'm away again in Amsterdam, won't be doing sessions this visit unfortunately, but will hopefully be there again in the summer doing sessions and some filming.

Anyway... This Moody Empress is going ta sleep......

Sunday, 16 March 2014

I've been out enjoying the sun this weekend, after the week I've had its been bliss. Plenty of shopping, drinking and relaxing, only thing that would make this weekend better is if I had some oily hands massaging me while I lay here in the sun reading my kindle...(z)

Good news, I now have a brand spanking new iPhone 5s and I can get the blogger app on here so expect a lot more updates/pictures.

Speaking of which, I promised a picture to the person who brought me these weed socks. Enjoy B!! I know you will be imaging me assuming my position above you whilst you wait to be "weed" on ;)

Looking forward to a nice cold shower once I get in, I'm sweating in all sorts of places. Minds wondered now to forcing people to sniff to find out where.....?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The weekend just gone was pretty amazing, had a lot of fun being a bully and a bitch with Ms Saskia during our double sessions and even more fun in my solo sessions. I feel as though I've released my kraken of kink... For now

I did however fail on my mission to test out some new tape I picked up whilst shopping, although it is pretty heavy duty tape so will be tearing all hairs and maybe abit of skin off if it were to be torn off. I think that sub got off pretty lightly.. This time (you know who you are)

The plan was to take a few pic's and vid's on my iPad for you however the battery on it died and the charger decided to be a bag if shit and stop working :( I think I've been through one charger every couple of months for the past year. So only a few personal ones taken on my phone, most of which I can't share. 

On the plus side, I've booked my flight to Amsterdam, I'll be there the end of the month getting my fix of dutch culture and what not.

On another note, it's pancake day, no pancakes for me though, I shall be munching on some of my fav popping jelly chocolate that was brought for me on the weekend.

Anyway.... I will leave you with the thought of me soaking in a bath full of vanilla smelling bubbles watching The Walking Dead ;) 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday already... What a fucking ball ache. I had one of those mornings where you snooze the Alarm every 5 minutes for a hour. Did not want to get out of bed at all.

To make things worse I had my manager slithering round the office like the snake he is. What made my day better was watching him slowly drinking a cup of tea he had left on his desk which I happened to have spat in and flicked a bogey in :)  Lucky him I say...

On the plus side, i have realised I have a week off work in April, I was planing to head to Amsterdam however now I'm not so sure. I might have a long weekend in Amsterdam the back end of March instead.

I would love to visit Japan, China, Korea, various parts of America or Thailand, if anyone from those places wants to fund a visit for me that would be grand ;) bit to far for a week off but I can be encouraged to make a flying visit. Failing that I just might seek out the sun and head to somewhere sunny in Europe.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Blast from the past

Just incase you missed my fav facesitting & sissification stories here are the links ;)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Black Honey (aka Mistress Saskia) has confirmed she will be joining me on the weekend of 1st & 2nd March, 

Sessions will be held at a discreet local Birmingham hotel, there is parking near by and also links to local rail/bus links.

Rates are as normal for solo session with either myself or Black Honey(no HS or WS).

£40 half hour

W/S £20 extra
H/S £30 extra

Overnight on either date £350 - 9pm til 7.30 am

Check in is 3pm on 1st march so will be taking bookings after then.
Rates for a Double Session are 


£60 half hour 

Im afraid no WS or HS in double sessions

If you've not turned up for a session before you will be expected to pay a deposit to secure your place.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Weekend away..., :)

Just had an extended weekend away somewhere sunny with one of my fans, had an amazing time, plenty of eating, drinking and sleeping, batteries now recharged.

Took a few pictures whilst away you may like...(of my ass of course)... Now who wants to kiss it? ;)