Thursday, 21 May 2015

My itch was scratched in Cheltenham... A lot of fun was had by me, seat I had a session with not so lucky. Left with a very sore face/nose!!! 

Coming up to the bank holiday and I haven't had a chance to catch up with Saskia to either plan a doubles day or book set dates for summer party.... Booo.

Either way I may have some time free on bank holiday Monday to session, drop me an email if you have something which may entertain me.

Again things are busy in my personal life atm.. Monday just gone I handed my notice in at work, I make no secret I think the whole place is full of bastards, makes for good wanking material when I think about punishing them but in reality I can't be arsed with the fucking bullshit that goes along with it.  So yer, I made things awkward as fuck in my notice which resulted in several meetings and my manager working from home until I leave... On the plus side they have made some changes off the back of what I said but meh not enough for me to stay.

Anyway back to the point of my post...

This big black beast just arrived in the mail from my amazon wish list... 😍😍 I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!!! 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Oooooo so I just seen the below didn't publish... She have been added 26/4 whoops

I should really check after.


It's been a week of little treats, also got a nice little toe ring which I have put away for sunnier weather when the sandals come out 

do enjoy being spoilt.

Oooo yes... And to the person who brought me those fluffy unicorn slippers, I've lost your story and you email address... Resend!!

It's been a very busy weekend as always... Mostly obsessively masterbating, shopping, eating and movies. I've also been spoilt with from amazon wishlist... I'm a very happy Empress this weekend. Back tomorrow though,😞 booo....

Almost time for my holiday and I can't fucking wait... looking for a sexi bikini and a few other little bits and I'm all set.

Anywho to the point of this post.

I'm in Cheltenham the weekend coming visiting friends, however I'm going down abit early in hope I can get up to alot of mischief before meeting up with people.

Anyone in the area Friday 15th and want to session??? Drop me an email...

Also... Is it just me... Do you find the longer you go without endulging in your fetitsh the more devious your thoughts are?? Or that you find yourself daydreaming about It a lot more and making up scenarios for everyday vanilla things.

I may have already mentioned this to a few people this weekend, either because I was mid masterbation or I was trying to convince you it would be a good idea to pop round...

The other morning I woke up hungover and hungry and something as simple as wishing someone would bring me the biggest ever cooked breakfast in bed, turned into me sitting on said persons face whilst I ate it, then once I'm done, strapping a facedildo(with a gag) to there face and bouncin on it until empress juice went everywhere... Then forcing said slut to deep throat and suck said dildo like there life depended on it, whilst I hold my whip menacingly but still end up whipping the fuck out of em after...
Then of course going back to sleep until my hangover was gone.

At one point I think I was even trying to convince a vanilla friend of mine to get out of work and bring me breakfast, haha not sure how that would have gone down if the little wimp would have managed to worm his way out of work. I'm thinking restraints would of had to be involved 😉.

Back to Friday... Anyone about in Cheltenham and want to session drop me an mail