Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sissy Slaveboy Gets Trapped & Blackmailed Pt 3

Sissy Slaveboy Gets Trapped & Blackmailed Pt 3

It was a tough morning....
I got up and walked around in a bit of a daze wondering what i had done and what would happen next.
I hoped the whole scenario was a lesson for me concocted by Empress and Saskian to mind fuck me and make me realise how stupid i had been.
I made tea, popped in some toast and sat uncomfortablly to watch something i can't recall on TV.
About 11.15am my mobile shook violently on the table next to the sofa and beeped loudly jolting me to my senses and scaring me so my heartrate rose suddenly.
I knew instantly who it was...
I tentatively picked up my Nokia partly in hope but mainly in fear....
The text read as follows...

"Slut, sissy, bitch, chastity whore, cumslut, blackmailed fucking dog... listen up."

My heart was POUNDING already and i knew the nightmare was starting over yet again...

"Be here on my doorstep at 3pm today. Be knelt on the step, do not knock and do not make any noise. Ensure you are wearing stockings, suspenders, basque and nothing else. Any deviation from this direct order and the pics and videos will be mailed to every contact on your mobile the very minute you fail. See you at 3".

FUCK i thought... i was shaking so badly inside knowing just how screwed i was all over again.
I was totally fucked

I dresses in the required undies and threw over a jacket and tracky bottoms. I drove to Empresses flat and made my way up the stairwell to her door. I took off the coat and trackies and knelt on her step almost without panic this time in a true act of submission, knowing i had no option.....

10 minutes later the door opened and i was dragged in by the hair roughly and without a spoken word.
Empress was harsh and meaningful and i knew this was not going to be a good day for sissy...
Once inside Empress tied me tightly on my back to her weightlifting bench in the middle of the lounge. My arms and legs were bound very tightly and there was no way i could move or do anything to protect my exposed, chaste cock.
Empress wasted no time in explaining why i was there or why i had been summoned to her flat today.

"Ok sissy, listen to me you little cocksucking whore. You already know just how fucked you are and what i will do if you so much as ever question anything i tell you to do or do to you. Have NO doubt i will send the evidence and ruin you if i so much as sniff a hint of disobidience! Today is phase two of your chastity programme... or should i say castration...."
I gulped hard at the very word, fearing the absolute worst that she was about to cut off my testicles right there in her lounge!
She left the room and returned with  a cardboard box about 9" by 3" and waved in under my nose...

"This is a shot of Depro Provera my little soon to be hooker slut.... A female contraceptive injection that has a very unusual effect when jabbed into sissy bois! What you will find is that within 24hrs you will begin to feel rather strange.. different if you will... that is your hormone change kicking in.... You will become ever more submissive, somewhat moody and physically weak and ladylike... In essence this jab will turn you into a girl and will make sure your cock will never work again aslong as this flows in your veins. Impotence and a permanently shrinking cock is the immediate side effect and is precisely why i have chosen it for you. You will remain limp and impotent for at least 12 weeks once injected and your submission to me will reach new levels you hoped you would never see bitch."
I had read up on chemical castration a while back and the worst thing was i knew every word she said was true...
If this jab was done i would be an impotent "girl" within a day with no hope of an erection and a permenent shrinkage to my cock and balls that could never be recovered...
To say i was scared is an understatement! I was shaking all over and Empress was simply laughing at my now hopeless predicament.
Empress said "it's a tradedgy not to savour this moment so i'm going to film this so i can savor the moment".
She set up the video camera and that was it... the scence was set...
Empress clicked record on the video camera and picked up a piece of paper which she carried over and held before me.
"Read it out loud bitch" she said in a very comanding way.
I began to read the words..
"I am sissy bitch of the wonderful and beautiful Empress. Today is the start of something very special and the day slave offers his his most precious gift to Goddess. Today Empress i lie before you and beg for you to rid me of my male bonds and remove all temptation from my mind. Today Empress, sissy begs his all powerful Goddess to castrate him and permanently ruin his last threads of masculinity for ever. I beg you Empress, please inject sissy and bring forth my impotence and step further into submission. I beg you."
As the last word rolled off my tongue Empress simply giggled, screwed up the paper and tossed it into the bin.
"Well Bitch as you asked SO nicely i will grant your request as you have so clearly asked me to do here on video. But just to make sure you don't change your mind.."
With that Empress pulled a ball gag roughly into my mouth and fastened it tightly around my head.
Empress stood over me and removed the Depo shot from it's box. She attached the hypodermic needle to the syringe and plunged it into the vial. She slowly and deliberately drew the shot slowly into the needle as i watched intensely.
With a quick squeeze and flick on the needle it was ready and she smiled and the prospect of what was about to happen.
She moved to the end of the bench and knelt between my open legs...
I panicked and thrashed about in a vain attempt to get free but i knew i would never be free again..
"Hush now little slut, you have begged for this to happen and now it is time."
Empress took her key and removed my chastity device, allowing my cock to spring free.
"Perhaps one last cum is in order slaveboy? Afterall you wont be able to after this jab and your cock will never be the same again, ever."
I was spinning.... i so wanted to feel pleasure but the fear had taken over and i couldn't concentrate on anything.
Empress slowly began to wank my semi erect cock and spat on it to lube her strokes.
Eventually i began to relax a little and enjoy the wanking. She took a small vibe with her other hand, spat on my arsehole and slid it inside. The masturbation and the buzz of the vibe in my ass was amazing, she knew just how to turn on even the most scared of sissies. Empress built her rythum and it was clear i was getting close to blowing my final load.
I began to jolt against my bonds in preperation to shoot my spunk, gasping for breath and desperate to cum.
Then, without a word, Empress let go of my dick, picked up the Depo shot and buried the needle point deep into my ass cheek.
"Well i did say perhaps one last cum, i changed my mind"
With that she pressed the plunger down slowly but firmly and i felt the stinging sensation as the liquid was pumped into my bound body.
It was done. She pulled the needle tip slowly out of me and rose to her feet.
"You are MY fuckin Bitch and don't ever forget it. You will have this done every 3 months from now on without fail. You are a girl now, a slut, a sissy, a dirty little cum bucket".
With that she left the room and i was left to feel the stinging in my ass and the strange feeling as the Depo surged around my bloodstream...
She had done it, she had castrated me and made me her true bitch.


  1. hi black empress......
    i have been following you stories (different episodes of "sissy slaveboy gets trapped and blackmailed". it is some of the most amazing feminization-blackmail-humilliation literature that i have read. i know you are up to episode 5 and will probably write that next..........
    however,...., could you in the future do some fill in stories on what happened to the slave boys relationship with his girl friend........and also a story on him being forced to have a feminized body.....shaved, etc.
    thankyou for entertaining and stimulating me and i imagine lots of other want to be submissive males out there.
    you are hot....!!!!

  2. I am Miss Cat's (honor curtsy) bitch #737-820-633

  3. :O
    737-820-633, I am a sissy bitch for the wonderful and beautiful Mistress Cat (honor curtsy)I beg You to rid me of my male bonds and remove ALL temptation from my mind. sissy servant 737-820-633 begs it's all powerful Mistress Cat (honor curtsy)to castrate me and permanently ruin any masculinity forever.

  4. Whaaa, I don't get hard anymore and I can only cum like a girl...