Monday, 2 July 2018

Wish it was you....? 

Empress loves getting pampered, specially when one of my bitches pays for it... even more so when I pick out the one guy working in the shop to do my feet..

Just so my mind can go "there"

Pre-holiday pamper

Monday, 25 June 2018

I’m back!!

Quick update,

Back from Jamaica and had a great time.

Have been catching up on my emails the past week however if you haven’t had a reply click forward and resend.

Empress has restarted driving lessons to make travelling sessions easier, so hopefully will be able to make short notice and distance sessions once I’ve passed. If anyone see’s a Vauxhall Corsa year 2010 upwards for a good price (£0.00) 😉. Let me know, I’m sure something can be agreed.

Session time will be limited over the next two/three months between lessons and overtime, so if you want to book a session I will need two weeks notice min.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

I guess the person who purchased this wanted to stay anonymous, so I have decided to take a few pics whilst trying it on....

Try very hard not to imagine Empress's big sweaty ass on a beach taking a seat right on your face...

Friday, 20 April 2018

Less than a month before I go Jamaica and I've been signed off work ill again...

Silver lining and all that... gives me time to update my blog finally, and get up-to date on emails I've haven't responded to yet, some have been so long if you haven't already had a response forward it again.

I have recently updated my Wish List, for those who purchase Pants, Socks, Bikini's etc once received you will get 5 personal pictures of them to your email. As purchases from Amazon are anonymous you will need to send me an email letting me know it was you.

I also have very used pants for sale £20 each which includes postage to the U.K., if your further away drop me a message and we can discuss postage costs.

Empress needs to get her Hair done, A pedicure & Manicure,If anyone wants to send a little or very Large tribute towards empress looking even more amazing on holiday let me know.

I will also have limited availability for outfall sessions in or around the Birmingham area the weekends of 5th-6th & 12th-13th May.

Interested? Drop me a message for more info. This is Solo availability :)

Friday, 9 February 2018

Empress is still about!!

I get a lot of emails, some I don't get to reply to, just be persistent until I tell you to fuck off and resend it.

I have still been doing the odd sessions and have a few booked in, if you can't wait until my next session day you can book a session with me still, but you will need to cover hotel/travel.

One of my good slaves spoilt me over Christmas with a huge box full of different Thornton's chocolates, only just sitting eating the last of them now..

For those who miss it... which I know is probably all of you... here's a picture of my perfect ass...

Saturday, 9 December 2017

What has Empress been up to!?

I hear most of you "silently" wonder!

The weeks leading up to Christmas in my very Vanilla Job tends to be pretty busy, so not much excitement this end.

I've had to take most of this week off work sick with a cold, however back on the mend now, so thought I would update whilst I’ve got a chance.

Thanks for keeping me busy with the amount of emails I have been getting a lot of interesting stories, keep them coming.

I’m pretty sure I've replied to all emails however if I haven’t hit the forward button and resend.

This is possibly my last update this side of Christmas! so thought I would discuss Gifts!! what have you got empress? Get on your knees like a good little bitch (if you haven’t already brought empress a gift) and beg for forgiveness, then find your way over to my Amazon Wish list

I’ve sent out a few very well worn pairs of pants to my lucky Slaves who have tributed for the pleasure.

Should you wish to purchase a pair, they are £20 each which includes postage inside the uk. If purchased this side of Christmas will include a picture of me wearing them.

I have had a few emails locally for sessions however I'm not able to fit any more in for the next two weeks, if you are interested in a session after Christmas/in the new year drop me an email.

I also have other items other than my very soiled pants - such as well worn socks - Ballet Flats - Trainers - Tights etc

***And also a overused clitoral rabbit stimulator which has now been replaced - Same rules apply this side of Christmas.. ***

I have put writing my memoirs on the back burner for now...

Just Curious, those who have had a session with Me/Mistress Saskia before, how would you describe how it went? let me know on an email.

Monday, 30 October 2017

It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last update. I've had a few exciting encounters with my fans since my last update, Managed to get a few chapters done in my memoirs, started my Xmas shopping and put money up for my trip to Jamaica (😉DS & London bob).

Im hoping to get down to London in December.. just need my london people to shout up so I know if it's going to be worth traveling.

I still do have some availability for some weekends in November / December. Drop me a message to book in advance.

Used and abused by BBW Dommes (Part 1)

Below is a Fan Story written for me ( Fan ML) - I do normally like to edit the stories I receive however haven't had the time with this one. Made for some light reading on my commute to work this morning.

A man describes his time imprisoned and punished by Miss Ebony and her friends in her dungeon where he is humiliated, punished and forced to worship Miss Ebony and her BBW friends.

I awoke in Miss Ebony's prison cell, I was held to the bed by leather straps, the straps held my ankles, hips, waist, chest, wrists and forehead. I could not move. Miss Ebony had shown me some mercy by removing the ball gag. Miss though placed nipple claims on me and crocodile clips on my foreskin. My bum was red from the over the knee spanking I received from Miss Ebony and her friends. On the plus side the chastity device that I had been locked in for three months had been removed but with my wrists strapped down I couldn't do a thing to relieve my frustration.

The door opened and Miss Ebony appeared. She looked amazing, her 40DD boobs were in cased in black leather, she was also wearing leather shorts which encased her large but divine bum and black leather knee boots. Miss also had a leather belt, and the objects caused me distress, there was a stiff leather riding crop, handcuffs and a rubber truncheon.

“Morning slave” Miss Ebony addressed me, “Good Morning Miss” I replied, Miss Ebony smiled as she approached me, “how are you this morning slave? Are you ready for more of the same and more?” She teased me “please Miss Ebony mercy!!” I pleaded, “Mercy???” Miss Ebony teased me, “ah slave, why would we wish to do that? You have been very naughty and you will be punished and humiliated by me and friends today and boy will we have some fun at your expense” Miss Ebony answered. My heart sank and became scared. Miss Ebony looked into my eyes, “ah poor you, and placed her hands on my nipple clamps “we won't cause any permanent damage” she cooed and then gave the nipple clamps a twist. I yelped in pain but Miss Ebony continued to twist them and whispered in my ear how I will be rewarded if I continued to submit to her.

Miss Ebony then turned her attention to my cock, and the crocodile clips that were attached to my foreskin “ooh they look painful, who would do such a thing” and gave a little giggle and gave one of the clips a pull. I shuddered and yelped in pain, any thoughts of mercy were dashed as Miss pulled at the other clips and I wiggled under the straps to try and escape but there was no point as the straps prevent me from any serious attempt to escape the torture.

Miss Ebony looked up at me and saw tears running from my eyes, “aww poor slave” and came up and undid the strap on my forehead and then held my head against her leather clad boobs. Soon my head was being held between these leather clad boobs and Miss Ebony was smothering me between them. I was gasping for breath as my head was between them, it was a mixture of heaven and hell.

“Too much pleasure slave” and gave my nipple clamps another twist “you must me hungry slave and you did not have much to eat yesterday and me and friends think that you should have you fair share of vitamins and iron” Miss Ebony addressed me. “Steff and Jen you can come in now” Miss Ebony told her two fellow BBW dommes.

Steff had red hair and had 36DD boobs and had a full figure, she was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and black shiny leggings whilst Jen was wearing a PVC bra which just about covered her massive boobs and black leather trousers. Miss Steff was pushing a trolley in but I couldn't make out what the trolley contained.

Miss Ebony reattached the strap to my forehead and I was helpless again and I was not looking forward to what was going to happen next. Miss Ebony took a metal item of the trolley, it was a dental gag!!! Miss Ebony swiftly placed the gag into my mouth. “Ah that is a lovely fit” Miss Ebony teased me. 

Miss Steff and Jen got some items and placed them above my head and gathered around me. “Oh I am sure he will enjoy this” Miss Steff told Miss Jen and all the ladies laughed. Miss Ebony picked something up and held it too my eyes, I was horrified it was a condom filled with liquid which I could only imagine the worst. “Oh yes slave” Miss Ebony teased me “this is from our morning milking of my other slaves, and all of them were in chastity for 4 months and me and girls milked them all dry. Two of them were crying as we milked their seed.” Miss Ebony teased me, “oh yeah slave” Miss Jen continued “the slave I milked begged me to stopped but not a chance, he is now hog tied scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush in his mouth!!!” Miss Jen laughed.

“Feeding time slave” Miss Ebony said and poured the contents of the condom into my mouth, all the ladies laughed at my face which was reacting to the horror to the vile substance going down my throat. “Want some more slave?” Miss Ebony asked, I shook my head but Miss Steff said “looked he wants more, what a slut” she laughed, my eyes pleaded to Miss Ebony but to no avail Miss Ebony took another condom and empted its contents into my mouth “yum yum slave” Miss Jen laughed “better save some for his supper” “yes” Miss Ebony “answered always nice to treat a slave for supper.”

Miss Ebony took the over condoms away and put them back on the trolley. “I reckon we deserve some worship as thanks, don't we ladies” Miss Ebony asked the other ladies both answered in unison “yes we do” and both smiled.

Miss Ebony undid the leather straps and I was on my knees in front of all the ladies. Miss Ebony pointed at Miss Steff's feet and I knew immediately what I had to do, I started to lick the feet of Miss Steff. I ran my tongue over the toes of Miss Steff and then between them, licking up all the pieces of fluff that was between them “don't miss anything slave” Miss Steff ordered me, I continued my licking to remove any sweat, I imaged the three ladies looking down at my pathetic self licking a BBW ladies feet.

Miss Steff lifted her foot and I had to move into position to lick the sole of her foot “he has learnt well Miss Ebony” Miss Steff told her “of course, if he doesn't do well I lock him in the pillory and give him a 100 strokes of the cane and give him my chilli sauce enema!!”Miss Ebony answered. 

I continued to lick the feet of Miss Steff until I was ordered to stop and stay on my knees. Miss Jen then stood in front of me and lowered herself into my eyes, “I hope that tongue is good” and then turned around and then I was faced with a huge mound of flesh. Then Miss Jen pulled her trousers and Miss Ebony held my head then pushed into Miss Jen's bum. “Get licking slave” Miss Ebony I struggled to get my tongue out and started to lick Miss Jen's bum. Miss Ebony moved my head around Miss Jen's bum and then my tongue was between Miss Jen's bum cheeks and I was soon licking Miss Jen's arse, “get your tongue in there slave” I heard and Miss Ebony pushed my head further into Miss Jen's arse.

I continued to lick for what seemed ages then Miss Ebony pulled out my head, “oh he is good” Miss Jen said, “but he needs a wash after that.” Miss Ebony grabbed my ear and pulled me to the toilet and to my horror shoved my head down the toilet and pulled the flush but did not pull head out after the flush but kept it there, I then knew why when the flush went again covering my head in more cold water.

Miss Ebony pulled me out and grabbed me again by the ear so I was soon in front of the two other ladies. I was soon surrounded by the three ladies. Then without warning Miss Ebony kicked me in the balls, I collapsed to the floor “did that hurt slave?” Miss Ebony laughed at me, “I think we should have some fun upstairs.

Miss Ebony attached a chain and strap to my balls and led me to her front room. Miss Ebony kept hold of the strap and I saw Miss Jen and Steff pick up two riding crops. Miss Ebony told me the two ladies had two minutes to hit me wherever they liked and I could only avoid the blows by having my balls tugged. I had two choices have pain in my balls or all over.

Miss Jen landed the first blow soon followed by Miss Steff, the blows landed one after another but when I tried to avoid them Miss Ebony tugged the strap attached to my balls and I yelped out in more pain. I was in pain from both the riding crops and Miss Ebony tugging the strap and after the time was up I was in tears, begging for mercy from the three BBW vixens. I kissed Miss Ebony's leather boots begging her for mercy. All I could here was laughter from the three ladies.

Miss Ebony pulled me by the hair and ordered me to shut up and spat in my face, then the other two ladies came up to me and spat in my face as well and soon my face was covered in their spit. Miss Jen took a number of photo's of me covered in their spit, “I may have that as my wallpaper on my phone” and gave out a laugh.

As I knelt in front of them covered in their spit, Miss Ebony said I needed refresher training in being a door mat. I was then ordered to lay on the floor facing upwards. The three dommes then took it in turns to walk all over me. Each lady in turn making sure that they stood full weight on my balls. I groaned in agony under each step they took.

I was then ordered to lay on my back and the three ladies then stood on me and trampled their feet, I had been reduced to nothing but a doormat for their feet. All the ladies laughed at me calling me a worthless piece of trash.

After this I was told to lay on my front again, whilst Miss Ebony left the room. She soon appeared carrying a box. Miss Ebony then stood above my shoulders and lowered herself down and then I was smothered in her leather clad behind. I struggled for breath and every thirty seconds or so she lifted her bum so I could gasp for breath. Whilst I was under her bum my balls started to sting and I knew what was happening, the two other ladies were rubbing stinging nettles on my cock and balls. I tried to move my legs but one of the ladies sat on my ankles, I was helpless. I was being suffocated and tortured at the same time. I could hear laughter from my leather bum prison. After what seemed an age I felt a cooling liquid on my balls followed by a cold metal device and more groping and laughter. 

To my horror I soon felt a searing heat on my cock and balls, I was close to passing out due to Miss Ebony's smothering but to my relieve Miss Ebony got up. The two other ladies pulled me up by my ears and I was crying in pain. They dragged me to a mirror and Miss Ebony pointed at my cock and balls. “Slave, your cock has been locked in a Kali's teeth and metal chastity device so any time you start to get hard little spikes in the Kali's teeth will cause you pain and to add to your discomfort we have covered your balls in extra strength deep heat” and let out a laugh. To my further horror the ladies posed next to me when Miss Ebony took photo's of me. “Say cheese” Miss Ebony told me and all I could do was cry in shame.

Miss Ebony then addressed her friends “I think he needs a rest before tonight's fun, you two go and get me slave nine from the cells, he needs a good whipping” and then grabbed my ear and pulled me back to my cell. When I was in my cell, she lead me to school desk. “Time for some lines before tonight, slave, I want 1000 lines I am Miss Ebony's worthless slave and if you do not finish it you will give blow jobs to my other slaves” Miss Ebony commanded, “yes Miss Ebony” I replied and started to write my lines like the worthless slave I am.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I have still been receiving gifts off my wish list,( ) I love being spoiled, your all being good boys and making empress happy.

Not sure who purchased this but I love it. What do you think....?! 

Looking forward to my holiday to Jamaica, I need a break away from this "amazing"
British weather. Anyone who wishes to contribute towards empress's holiday can find there way over to my wish list or to and purchase empress a gift card.
A few years back I started writing my memoirs, but a year or so ago I stopped, only recently I've picked the book up again and have begun to put pen back to paper, it has meant less time to go back and respond or read the longer emails I have received. So if you haven't received a response keep trying. My phone stores emails for two weeks, then I have to log into pc/laptop to see anything older. I rarely do that. So if it's been longer than two weeks resend. A lot of begging for a response tends to make me smile. If anyone wanted there story published on my blog(with no input and amendments by me), send it through on a fresh email with please publish my story in the subject along with there online tag.