Sunday, 5 October 2014

London or Liverpool...!?

I hadn't intended to head to London again this year,  however I still am getting a few emails about sessions down there this year so might make a further visit.

Haven't really been up north this year, so simple question?  

North or South? 

Drop me an email if you want a session is either and will decide where to next tour.

Would be either last weekend in November or First weekend in December 



Back from vactation, and super fast internet connection. It is 2:30 am and I'm wide awake and catching on my emails.

I had a great time, a lot of sun sea sand and cocktails ;) exactly what I should be spending my time doing (relaxing). Was a long two weeks with my vanilla friends and often found myself lounging on a sunbed on the beach by the ocean, watching men walk past me and imagining how I would either wrestle them to the ground and force them to submit to me infront of there partners, or smothering them with my big ass until the passed out. Exciting daydreams where had on that beach ;)

Took a pic of me ready for the beach as promised to someone.. I forget exactly who, as it's early and had 1 hour sleep on a plane.. In the past 32 hours.

Anyway enjoy my perfect for smothering pic's