Sunday, 15 December 2013


A short clip of me shaking my arse...,

Pain in the arse transferring to vimeo from the iPad,

Arch well, off to the shops...

black Empress shaking her ass from Black Empress on Vimeo.
Bored and decided to shake my ass... On my teddy, pay no attention to the music in the background haha,


Sunday plans have fallen through so I have decided to fill my time taking pictures on my iPad, then I'm off out to do some Christmas shopping.

Enjoy ;)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Haven't posted in a while, I'm currently away on holiday sunning my black ass!! Promises to my fans to post more once I'm back,,,

In the meanwhile... Here's my black ass

Back soon


Monday, 16 September 2013

I fucking hate mondays, especially this fucking Monday. Ive had a migraine from hell and spent the day being a Diva with huge sunglasses on demanding water and headache drugs at regular intervals throughout the day. ;) I love being waited on.

Finally home and time to catch up on my soaps ... Not Eastenders or coronation street. I'm talking about Breaking Bad & Dexter ;)

What would make this evening perfect is if i had a nice comfy seat who took in all my gasses and took my full weight throughout my tv binge...

Instead teddies gonna get it while I watch my american soaps and do my nails with a lovey Nail wrap set a fan brought me, and eat plenty of chocolate.

I just remembered I took some pictures for this blog the other day, il put them up when I get a moment in another post but for now you can enjoy my nails lol 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

London update...

Not going to be able to make London in September, however will be down 18-20th October, I'll be heading down early evening on the 18th so won't be doing any sessions on that day. 

Message me for more info, will also be updating my blog with more info soon.

It is pretty evident I love London however if you want me to tour in a different area let me know. Few request already made for Dublin, never been so just may give it ago next year

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

London..... (Again)

I'm getting plans together to head to London for a weekend in September, Anyone local available for a couple of hours one of the weekends and want to escort me around Camden for a couple of hours let me know.

I'm baaaack ;)

Finally back from my holidays and I am still jet lagged to fuck!  Was all worth it as I had an amazing time.  Our group ended up having our own butler as we had an upgraded package and I of course took full advantage of being waited in hand and foot. I literally had him dusting my sand off my feet on the beach :) by the end of the holiday he was asking for my hand in marriage. He obviously had a thing for this bossy bitch.

After a day of traveling back to sunny Birmingham on a coach then plane, then another coach then a taxi I finally made it home to a ton of gifts from one of my fans.  Certainly cheered me up :-D

Anyway......Thought ld share a pic of my big ass in the sea.... Of course I've edited it a lot but meh..  That's what I do.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

relaxing sunday....

I've had a very relaxing Sunday doing sweet FA, did a few Skype sessions, looked up a hellova lot of face-sitting porn and had several cold showers to try and keep cool.

decided to take a few pics of me "having fun" with my life sized teddy bear... ild be lying if i said i wasn't thinking of someone in particular who ild love to be punching in the head whilst collapsing there lungs with my thick thighs....

Monday, 24 June 2013

Distracting aren't what I said to the guy who walked into a street light whilst staring at my boobs....

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Doubles day!!

Myself and Black Honey (aka Mistress Saskia) will be holding a doubles day on the 13th July 2013.

Sessions will be based in central Birmingham and both double and single session will be available on the day 

Services offered

Height Comparison (Black honey only)
Role Play
Fantasy wrestling
Body worship
Toilet training (Black Empress only)
Verbal humiliation
Faces slapping
B.E & B.H beat down (one of my fav...think you can take a full on beating from us both?)
Ball busting

If your fetish is not listed please email me with more info on what kind of session you were looking to book.

Rates are 
£120 ph 
£60 for half hour

We are also offering companion dates on the same day which are £100ph. 

We do not offer sexual services

I am also looking for a sub female who will be available for filming on this date, drop me and email

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thursday, 13 June 2013

O yer Amsterdam... (Includes clips for sale link)

I'm back...!! I had an amazing time and took some clips, one of which is up on my clips for sale site already. There are more clips to come but rather than fucking about and waiting till everything is uploaded I've decided to post the link (and prob repost in a thousand times again later).

Currently in the process of organising a trampling shoot and wrestling shoot... Watch this space..

Truly Madly Deeply in LUST.....

I'm very much into these at the moment.... My local shop no longer is stocking them, ( I know wot the fuck right?) so if your thinking of bringing a gift along to a session, these will be met with a massive grin of approval. Oooooor if u just want me to stuff my pretty face with chocolate anywho check out my Amazon wish list I just added a few to there. (Popping candy one preferred)

I deffo cld get used to that...

Listening to some music on my ipad and I came across a song with the following picture as temporary album art. Don't normally see this kind of thing being used often in the public eye, most people didn't batt an eyelid at the picture. I on the other hand.... Started gushing in my pants imagining sed artist between my ginormous butt cheeks. Any idea on the artist and where I can find more let me know...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clips 4 Sale!!

I finally have my Clips 4 Sale store up and running with the help of a trusty a sub of mine, currently have about ten clips on there, but haven't got round uploading or taking most of the ones planned.

I will be in Amsterdam this weekend shooting plenty more, as well as doing plenty of shopping :-)

once more have been uploaded will share the link.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm well bored...

Im well bored so im going to waffle for abit. Currently sitting in just my pants eating Haribo's. midweek boredom after the mad weekend I just had.

Will be visiting the Netherlands in May... Looking forward to seeing one of my favourite bitches whilst over there. Going to film a few clips for the clips4sale site I'm currently setting up, see the sites and party.

Also shall be reeking havoc in Spain with the girls soon for A big hen weekend!!

Mehhh I'm off to entertain myself by terroring some unsuspecting sub on sykpe.


Monday, 22 April 2013


So had a few emails recently which has led me to write this post... Going to keep it short and not so sweet,

Go fuck yourself....

And also....

For further clarification....

Doing sessions is not my Job. I session because I love my fetish and what I do.   Ergo if your a cheeky fuckin cunt and come across like an arrogant prick in your emails I have the choice to scratch my big black ass and click the fuckin delete button.

Monday, 8 April 2013

and then.....

just before work... i find this picture.... im now wondering if i have enough time to have a play remembering the fun that was had that day before i have to leave out.... hmmm....

Im Baaack!!!

Things have finally started to calm down... (thank fuck)

so now im back to normal availability for RT Sessions and Skype sessions.

Whilst ive been away ive managed to get a few clips done, which will soon be up on my clips for sale site.  if any of you have request or Ideas or wish to appears in clips drop me an email at

Anyway... now im back i thought i would celebrate with my favourite pictures of me ;)


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Taking a break....

I am taking a break from doing sessions for a while, I have 1001 things going on. Il still be about online when I get a chance.

This is not goodbye, il be back ;)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

In the Windmill of my mind

Over the Xmas and New Year period I stopped doing sessions as I was pretty much working everyday in my day job.

Now I have some massive itch that needs scratching. I've realised I can never be fully content unless I'm in control and either manipulating people to get what I want,forcing them to do what I want or using someone for the weird fucked up kick's I get from being a Bitch.

As its been so long since I've done any of the above I'm now at the point (again) where I find myself day dreaming all the time about ruining guys.

The other day my neighbour knocked my door, I happened to be in a vile mood (fuck knows why....PMT I guess) I swing open my door and before I even realise who it is I'm shouting "And what do you want"

My neighbour who is in his early 30's stood there speechless and fidgeting. I then started getting more annoyed because he was standing there saying nothing. So I told him to "speak". He then stood there stuttering and explaining that he was my next door neighbour and he was wondering if I had a package of his delivered to mine. It was abit weird because we have spoken before and said the normal hi's and bye's that next door neighbours normally do, so why was this punk telling me again his my neighbour.....?

Before i replied to him, I stood in silence and took in his body language, looking for weakness, imagining snapping this time waster in half with one bare hand.

Then it Dawned on me, his fidgeting was masking his shaking, he was stuttering n couldn't look me in the eye, now I either looked incredibly hot in my PJ's and he was shy or he was scared of me. I must have looked a tad crazy as I laughed when I realised and told him nothing had arrived and we said our byes and I went back to bed.

I've since been imaging how easy it would be to make him my bitch, to have him scrubbing my bathroom floor in his girlfriends underwear or to have him do my dishes in her heels amongst many other fucked up thoughts that involve a wooden spoon, my toilet and some spiky anal beads my secret Santa at work brought me.

O well xmas and new year are over! Thank fuck everything's back to "normal" now. Looking forward to my first session of 2013 this Saturday...

There are plans (not set in stone yet) to visit London the back end of February. Might go down for a week during half term depending on a couple of things or might just be a weekend.