Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Well 2012 is drawing to a close! I have had a great year and had many adventures with friends, clients and acquaintance's.

Who knows what 2013 will bring, maybe I will actually get around to finishing my website? Maybe I will find my perfect subby who doesn't live a million miles away hmmmm

I sure as hell am already planning more trips to London, more double days with the Amazing Mistress Saskia and another trip to the Netherlands..... Watch this space for more info!!!

Anyway! I'm going back to my evening of Prosecco and DVDs!!

Happy New Year Bitches!!!



Sunday, 16 December 2012

London visit

Had a great time down in London. Was good to catch up with the Local clients & friends and also meet new ones.

I have a lot on at work now until after Christmas so did my last session of 2013 today.

I may take a few festive pic's before the start of next year... Watch this space!!

In the mean time here are a few pic's and a completion of short clips I took with a friend whilst down in London.

Enjoy....!!! Or not..... I'm to tired to actually give a shit ;)

Black Empress Trample from Black Empress on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

London sessions - 6th - 8th December

I will be in London between 6th - 8th December doing sessions.

Incall's only - rate £100ph or £50 for half hour.

Face sitting (no nude)
Toilet training

Email to book

Back off my holidays

Finally back from my holidays, I had a great time relaxing by the pool, sunbathing,eating lots and lots of tasty food as well as going out and dancing the night away well until the early hours.

Back to reality now!!!

Groggy, wet and monotone Birmingham, great..... I think I need another holiday to get over my last holiday.

There were indeed many highlights, most I can't be fukd to share just now. Maybe il come back and edit this part, chances are I won't.

That was one downner of the holiday was when I was out at a bar and a Brandon Brady from hollyoaks lookalikey shortchanged me!! The fucking cunt, however my mind did race with fantasies of destroying this punching bags face....then castrating him....then getting all the girls to trample the cunt until he was nothing..! Arch well.. A lady can but dream.

Whilst away I took a few pictures for my fav sub n decided to share one with you guy, lucky you ;)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

My IPad has arrived :)

I have finally got around to setting up my Skype account on my iPad. Add my account


If I'm online say "Hi"

Sunday, 14 October 2012


I shall soon be getting my New Ipad 3 :)  once I get the hang of it I will b doing sykpe sessions . I might even do free webchat at set times to get to know my fans. watch this space for skype details.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Clips finally up!!

Clips are finally up on Mistress Saskia's Clips 4 Sale site, we have released the mild ones first... Stay tuned for the hard core clips in Nov..!!!  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For Fucks Sake!!

For fucks sake....!!! I'm the fucking bitch from hell today. This is a totally off subject work rant that I have to get off my chest so fuck it, my blog, I'll write what I want. Don't wanna read it skip it.
Why the fuck do old people think there wiser and always right???
Some old guy at work today was trying to spout policy's and procedures to me about something he was working on. Let's nickname him fucktard to keep him anonymous.
1) I don't give a fuck about wot your doing fucktard, stop distracting me from fucking about on my phone
2) Don't ask me if I didn't know that policy already, cus what your spouting is fucking bollocks.
3) Yes I am fucking rude for telling you what just said is a load of balls and I think you made it all up. Kudos for pointing that one out...However please note, I did smile after I said it and what I really wanted to say is.. " How about I rip your head off fucktard, do a big squirty shit down your neck, place your head back on your fat neck, then wen u start speaking again you will be spitting actual diarrhoea, instead of just verbal diarrhoea.
Bluurrgghhh you fuckin tit!!!
Another thing which has pissed me off is the amount of dumb fuckery emails I get. I'm a Domme.. You would have to have known what I'm about in order to get my email address so why the actual fuck would you email me asking for a blow job...or why would you ask for me to get naked in a bath with you....!!
 Even worse, why would you think I would take a normal session with you after you've full on taken the piss and offended me by asking for sexual favours... 
You... Ya pathetic eeeeeeediyat!! Have been ignored and blocked!!!
 If you wanna enter into a dialogue with me without wanting to book a session , send a joke, send a pic, write me a story.. Don't fuck about with sillyness like the pricks above.
 Next person who does.. Is gonna get shanked.. Hahaha just kidding :) 
 PMT!! Arrrgghhh

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Animated Face Sit

I really should be spending my time doing something productive however........ productive can be boring...  thought i would have a play around with some of my pictures instead.
(it prob could do with abit of tweaking however... cba)


Black Empress & Mistress Saskia End of Summer Doubles Day

Sessions will be held in a Birmingham Based incall address

Will be offering

Facesitting / Queening
Smothering / Squashing
Foot worship
Maid / Sissy Training
Goddess Worship
Financial Domination
Total Power Exchange

We may also have Mistress Louise joining us on the doubles day.. so just may be a Triple day. (picture coming soon)

Mistress Louise is a good friend of mine and currently in the process of being mentored by myself and Goddess Saskia.

Mistress Lou's Stats

Race :  White
Height : 5'6
Weight : 9 stone
Shoe size : 7
Dress Size : 10/12

Rates for the Doubles Day


30 mins - £60
1 hour - £100
1 hour 30 mins - £160
2 hours  - £200

For anything longer than 2 hours send us an email for further info.

Triples Rate

30 mins - £90
1 hour £150
1 hour 30 mins - £240
2 hours £300

For anything longer than 2 hours send us an email for further info.

You are able to book Myself or Mistress Saskia for Solo sessions during the doubles day however you will be charged the same rate as a double session.

I will be offering W/S as part of solo sessions however this will only be available for sessions of 1hour or more, and half the time will be spent with Goddess Saskia and me, and the final half spent being my toilet.

N.B - The rates mentioned above are not our normal doubles rate. The above rate is for the doubles date only.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday all booked!!

Just booked another holiday in the sunny sun sun with the girls in November... cant wait.. !!

Hopefully will be able to fit weekend in Amsterdam, London and Dublin before the end of this year...!! a very busy and expensive next couple of months!!

Now for the other exciting part....(apart from actually being on holiday that is..) SHOPPING!!

Which one of you lucky slaves wants to take Black Empress Shopping??!?


How about you treat Empress to a gift from my WISH LIST!!

working on a sunday sucks....

Stuck in the office on a Sunday, its roasting hot, the air con is never turned on on a weekend.  i am sweating my metaphorical bollocks off!!!

Anyway... going to spend the next 30mins looking on the Internet for big asses would like to see smothering my boss!!

Then back to wooork :-)

Not sure who these wonderful ass's are but all power to the Big Butts!!!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Just finished editing............

I have finally got round to editing some clips Me and Mistress Saskia made a month ago.... Some very exciting clips coming up....

Just need to set up clips 4 sale now and will put them up

Watch this space!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How Random......

This was pointed out to me earlier in the year... only just remembered to post about it....

was pretty shocked my blog got a mention, did make me smile though ;)

The winner was....  The red headed slut... her blog is pretty cool -

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Quick update on recent events

I've had a great two weeks of sessions, I've enjoyed de-stressing and having plenty of adventures.

Found myself down london for the weekend (again), I won't be doing any London sessions whilst the Olympics are ongoing as I imagine travel will be a fuckin ball ache!!! Black Empress can be very impatient!!!

Might be tempted to session just outside of London... We will see.

I met up with Mistress Saskia for some double sessions, we also took some new clips and pictures so watch this space for more info.....!!!

Had a great time at exodus in Birmingham, on the 7th July, was my first time at this fetish event and I ha a great time and will deff be attending again. Seen alot of faces from BBB, and alot of new faces.

I also think I may have found my perfect Slave, I had a lot of fun spending 5 days putting him to the test. Shame his not local... means my search is still on.

Any slaves wishing to apply for the position of Black Empress's Bitch send me an email. You will have alot to live up to though!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Black Empress is looking for a Sub...

I've been thinking lately that maybe I should focus on finding a more permanent local sub... (notice how I've said sub and not slave)

I'm making it clear I am not looking for a 24/7 slave, or live in slave just yet.

age/race not important..

if you think you can fill this spot drop me an email with what you have to offer and a picture

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Weekday daytime availability coming up soon...

************ UPDATE*****************

I shall be offering day time and evening weekday sessions between the 25th June - 29th June and again during 2nd July - 6th July...

I also may have the capacity to travel as long as travel cost are covered... I have had a fair few emails about weekday day sessions & believe most dates wont be available for to long. So don't leave it to late to book/enquire. known time wasters will have to pay deposit before booking

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Facesitting, Trampling & Squashing Doubles Day

Mistress Saskia and i are holding one of our famous doubles days!!

*** Saturday 9th June***

Does what it says on the tin!! We will be offering Facesittin,Trampling and Squashing sessions.

*** Special Summer Rates***

£100 per hour

£60 for Half hour

Inbox myself or Mistress Saskia to book a session.

Doubles day will be held in North Birmingham area.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fooooul mood!!

I've woken up in a absolutely foul fuckin mood today... Ild like to spend the day donning some football boots and stamping on some dumb mother fuckers balls until they pop in a painfully bloody mess..... But instead i shall be going into work and answering dumb fucking questions with my middle finger or my fist....

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Click the picture for a closer look at my perfect arse...

Worth a try.... :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ahhh Fuck it!!

Soooo... Having re-read the rules for what you can and cant post on this blog and i figure fuck it...!!  Im starting to edit my pictures starting with old then moving onto the new ones and will be posting more facesitting, trampling and my handwork on my bitches..

if you don't like how I edit my pictures.. go fuck yourself because I don't really care. (unedited pictures are on my Adultwork site where you will have to get your wallet out and purchase them)




Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Weekday daytime availability coming up soon...

************ UPDATE*****************

I shall be offering day time and evening weekday sessions between the 25th June - 29th June and again during 2nd July - 6th July...

I also may have the capacity to travel as long as travel cost are covered... I have had a fair few emails about weekday day sessions & believe most dates wont be available for to long. So don't leave it to late to book/enquire. known time wasters will have to pay deposit before booking

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I haven't updated my Blog in ages..!! whoops. I haven't forgotten about you all though!!! Been very busy at work the past month, a swell as having weekends away with the ladies, been non stop. I have a another weekend away with 25 of my beautiful lady friends next weekend then another weekend in London the week after then its pretty much calm for awhile so will be back to scratching my perverted itch and doing sessions again...

Although I have managed to fit in a couple of sessions during the past month and abit I still find that my mind has been wondering and been thinking of smothering my pumplex boss with my big black ass..!! hmmm one day maybe...

Do you all find that if you don't indulge into your fetish it tends to be on your mind more than normal....?? If I was a guy I think I would constantly have the biggest hardon all the time with how my mind works... good job I'm Devilish female who only has a big hardon when I chose to strap it on.

Anyway.... after all the busyness will get some facesitting pictures up.... as i've noticed its won the Poll!! thanks for all the emails and votes

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Black Empress is Visiting London Again!! 31st March - 1st April

I shall be visiting London this weekend, however I wont be doing any hotel sessions. I plan to be out shopping and seeing the sites of sunny London.
Any one with rather a rather LARGE wallet wants to accompany me and my female friends around Camden or treat us to a night out get in touch.

New Camera!! - (Again!!)

My last camera was absolute balls, so I've recently purchased a new one, hopefully this one will last abit longer and take better quality pictures,

I have decided to take a few "vanilla" (ish) pic's to test it out.... Of course I've edited them but that's just how I roll....


Doesnt look to bad... will be taking alot more pictures from now on!!

( Sandals are courtesy of BFRUG, I love them  )

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Double Domme Day - 17th March 2012 - Ms Saskia & Black Empress

Those of you who know Mistress Saskia, will know she is taking a break from doing sessions from the 30th March 2012 to concentrate on other projects. (she will be back doing sessions in June 2012).

So we have planned a farewell Double Dommes Day on the 17th March 2012.

We will be offering fantasy/semi wrestling, smother, facesitting and many other types of sessions

The Session rate will be £100ph or £60 for half an hour

contact me for bookings or info

N.B - I still will be doing single sessions whilst Ms Saskia is on her break

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Building my own website.....

I've decided its about fucking time I got myself a website!!  So i've started building one.. This shit aint easy... Will spend some time getting together more exclusive pics and getting round what all this coding malark is. Then will have the site up and running.


Sub Wanted!!

Any of you bitches going Global Gathering this year??? 

I'm on the hunt again!!  

This year I'm looking for a discreet fun youngish sub to come along with me and a few friends.

Expect to be used for carrying and pitching my tent, massaging my feet, standing in ridiculously long queues for me. There will be other private duties, which will be explained to the successful person nearer the time.

You must have your own tent, teeth & ticket... and money of course..  You wont be expected to pay me for attending with me, however you will be worked!!

!!There will be no public humiliation!! This roll is best for and obedient novice who likes the sort of music at Global Gathering and is looking to be trained.

if your interested email me at .... The subject of your email must be "I want to be your Global Gathering Bitch" or it will be ignored. Also.. One liners will be ignored... Tell me abit about yourself and why you think you will be perfect for this spot.

if all goes well this may lead to you being trained up and taken on as my personal bitch.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Next Stop..... Ireland!! (possibly)

Me and Mistress Saskia are in talks on where to visit next... Ireland, Amsterdam, Manchester or..... ?? who knows...

Watch this Space.....

{                                    }

London Tour Was Amazing ! ! !

I had a great time in London with Mistress Saskia and Mistress Diva!!! Had plenty of interesting sessions to keep us busy throughout most of the weekend. Was great seeing lots of new faces as well the old. Will have to arrange another visit down there before the end of the year.

Also went to Camden Crunch with Mistress Saskia, Mistress Diva and a local sub. That place is Mad. Loved it, I havent been to anything like it up in Birmingham. Would suggest anyone planning a visit down to that side of London during the time the Crunch is held make an effort and pop along.


Managed to make a flying visit around the famous "Camden Markets" - for those who haven't met me yet.. I am slightly alternate, and very much into tattoo's, piercings, body modification, weird trinkets,jewellery and any random crap really.. So Camden Market was great!!

I spotted one of these books on my travels, but didnt have time to stop and buy it!! thought I would be able to find it online somewhere...!! but I cant.... Can anyone find the Online store (if there is one for me) or anyone local to Camden want to go down the market and pick one up for me and Mistress Saskia and come post/bring it up to me.??? drop me an email (

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Contact info for London Sessions!!

Will have limited internet access over this weekend as im in London. If you wish to contact me to book a session.

My contact number is - (has been removed by moi!)

Single, Double and Triple sessions will be available with Myself, Mistress Saskia & Mistress Diva. (link to Mistress Diva's site is below)

Single Session - £120ph
Double Session - £185 ph
Triple Sessions - £220ph

Half hour sessions will also be available

Single session £60
Double Sessions £100
Triple Sessions £140

Will be in London from 17th - 19th Feb.

( - Mistress Diva's website

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happy Birthday Toooooo Me!!!

"Happy Birthday Toooo Me"
Just thought il'd add a post thanking everyone who remembered for the emails, presents and cards I got

"Thank you!!"

it was a special one.

for those who forgot... Shame on you

Saturday, 28 January 2012

London Soon!!

London Soon....!!!!
Check out for more info on bookings and more pictures!!!
(contact number available for session bookings, email me on

Amsterdam......!!! (sooon)

Thinking of booking a trip to amsterdam within the next  4 months... love it over there...

just need to sort out time off work, then will have dates ready for y'all.... even if you are not booking a session whilst i'm over there would b nice to socialise.



Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mine & Mistress Saskia's Tour Diary

(click pic for link)

Midlands Face sitting / Trampling Party!!! (UK) 2012

Mistress Saskia and I have acquired use of a private house in the Midlands area. We are looking to hold a Facesitting and Trampling party, we have friends who love to facesit and Trample (some not professional - its just there thing) 

Has anyone been to one of these parties before? if so did you enjoy yourself?
Any guys have any idea's for the night?
Do any reliable ladies want to take part and join us? or do you know a mistress who would be interested - Pass them my email address.
Anything put you off about a party like this?

We are thinking the event would start in the daytime and last throughout the night. As we will have the whole house people are more than welcome to stop over.

Maids may also be needed to keep the place tidy...

(ps you can reply anonymously to this post - and you have permission to comment) 

Worship Black Empress's Big Black Arse


To your knee's and worship my big black arse!!!