Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Midlands Face sitting / Trampling Party!!! (UK) 2012

Mistress Saskia and I have acquired use of a private house in the Midlands area. We are looking to hold a Facesitting and Trampling party, we have friends who love to facesit and Trample (some not professional - its just there thing) 

Has anyone been to one of these parties before? if so did you enjoy yourself?
Any guys have any idea's for the night?
Do any reliable ladies want to take part and join us? or do you know a mistress who would be interested - Pass them my email address.
Anything put you off about a party like this?

We are thinking the event would start in the daytime and last throughout the night. As we will have the whole house people are more than welcome to stop over.

Maids may also be needed to keep the place tidy...

(ps you can reply anonymously to this post - and you have permission to comment) 


  1. or email me directly on black_empress@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Count me in,have you ever sat on a guys face who has long lox?

  3. I haven't sat on someone's face who has long locks, as long as they make a comfortable seat I don't see it as a problem...

  4. I have just found this blog and I know that this party was a long time ago, but will there be another one? I would be very interested . . .

    1. No immediate plans to do another, but would organise another if I got enough interest

    2. Hey, I'm interested! How about getting the word out and seeing how many would go for it?

    3. ;) I have a few girls who are interested in this so might be a go ahead. Just need to get a few other things out the way first, so guesstimate won't be until start of next year