Saturday, 9 December 2017

What has Empress been up to!?

I hear most of you "silently" wonder!

The weeks leading up to Christmas in my very Vanilla Job tends to be pretty busy, so not much excitement this end.

I've had to take most of this week off work sick with a cold, however back on the mend now, so thought I would update whilst I’ve got a chance.

Thanks for keeping me busy with the amount of emails I have been getting a lot of interesting stories, keep them coming.

I’m pretty sure I've replied to all emails however if I haven’t hit the forward button and resend.

This is possibly my last update this side of Christmas! so thought I would discuss Gifts!! what have you got empress? Get on your knees like a good little bitch (if you haven’t already brought empress a gift) and beg for forgiveness, then find your way over to my Amazon Wish list

I’ve sent out a few very well worn pairs of pants to my lucky Slaves who have tributed for the pleasure.

Should you wish to purchase a pair, they are £20 each which includes postage inside the uk. If purchased this side of Christmas will include a picture of me wearing them.

I have had a few emails locally for sessions however I'm not able to fit any more in for the next two weeks, if you are interested in a session after Christmas/in the new year drop me an email.

I also have other items other than my very soiled pants - such as well worn socks - Ballet Flats - Trainers - Tights etc

***And also a overused clitoral rabbit stimulator which has now been replaced - Same rules apply this side of Christmas.. ***

I have put writing my memoirs on the back burner for now...

Just Curious, those who have had a session with Me/Mistress Saskia before, how would you describe how it went? let me know on an email.

Monday, 30 October 2017

It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last update. I've had a few exciting encounters with my fans since my last update, Managed to get a few chapters done in my memoirs, started my Xmas shopping and put money up for my trip to Jamaica (😉DS & London bob).

Im hoping to get down to London in December.. just need my london people to shout up so I know if it's going to be worth traveling.

I still do have some availability for some weekends in November / December. Drop me a message to book in advance.

Used and abused by BBW Dommes (Part 1)

Below is a Fan Story written for me ( Fan ML) - I do normally like to edit the stories I receive however haven't had the time with this one. Made for some light reading on my commute to work this morning.

A man describes his time imprisoned and punished by Miss Ebony and her friends in her dungeon where he is humiliated, punished and forced to worship Miss Ebony and her BBW friends.

I awoke in Miss Ebony's prison cell, I was held to the bed by leather straps, the straps held my ankles, hips, waist, chest, wrists and forehead. I could not move. Miss Ebony had shown me some mercy by removing the ball gag. Miss though placed nipple claims on me and crocodile clips on my foreskin. My bum was red from the over the knee spanking I received from Miss Ebony and her friends. On the plus side the chastity device that I had been locked in for three months had been removed but with my wrists strapped down I couldn't do a thing to relieve my frustration.

The door opened and Miss Ebony appeared. She looked amazing, her 40DD boobs were in cased in black leather, she was also wearing leather shorts which encased her large but divine bum and black leather knee boots. Miss also had a leather belt, and the objects caused me distress, there was a stiff leather riding crop, handcuffs and a rubber truncheon.

“Morning slave” Miss Ebony addressed me, “Good Morning Miss” I replied, Miss Ebony smiled as she approached me, “how are you this morning slave? Are you ready for more of the same and more?” She teased me “please Miss Ebony mercy!!” I pleaded, “Mercy???” Miss Ebony teased me, “ah slave, why would we wish to do that? You have been very naughty and you will be punished and humiliated by me and friends today and boy will we have some fun at your expense” Miss Ebony answered. My heart sank and became scared. Miss Ebony looked into my eyes, “ah poor you, and placed her hands on my nipple clamps “we won't cause any permanent damage” she cooed and then gave the nipple clamps a twist. I yelped in pain but Miss Ebony continued to twist them and whispered in my ear how I will be rewarded if I continued to submit to her.

Miss Ebony then turned her attention to my cock, and the crocodile clips that were attached to my foreskin “ooh they look painful, who would do such a thing” and gave a little giggle and gave one of the clips a pull. I shuddered and yelped in pain, any thoughts of mercy were dashed as Miss pulled at the other clips and I wiggled under the straps to try and escape but there was no point as the straps prevent me from any serious attempt to escape the torture.

Miss Ebony looked up at me and saw tears running from my eyes, “aww poor slave” and came up and undid the strap on my forehead and then held my head against her leather clad boobs. Soon my head was being held between these leather clad boobs and Miss Ebony was smothering me between them. I was gasping for breath as my head was between them, it was a mixture of heaven and hell.

“Too much pleasure slave” and gave my nipple clamps another twist “you must me hungry slave and you did not have much to eat yesterday and me and friends think that you should have you fair share of vitamins and iron” Miss Ebony addressed me. “Steff and Jen you can come in now” Miss Ebony told her two fellow BBW dommes.

Steff had red hair and had 36DD boobs and had a full figure, she was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and black shiny leggings whilst Jen was wearing a PVC bra which just about covered her massive boobs and black leather trousers. Miss Steff was pushing a trolley in but I couldn't make out what the trolley contained.

Miss Ebony reattached the strap to my forehead and I was helpless again and I was not looking forward to what was going to happen next. Miss Ebony took a metal item of the trolley, it was a dental gag!!! Miss Ebony swiftly placed the gag into my mouth. “Ah that is a lovely fit” Miss Ebony teased me. 

Miss Steff and Jen got some items and placed them above my head and gathered around me. “Oh I am sure he will enjoy this” Miss Steff told Miss Jen and all the ladies laughed. Miss Ebony picked something up and held it too my eyes, I was horrified it was a condom filled with liquid which I could only imagine the worst. “Oh yes slave” Miss Ebony teased me “this is from our morning milking of my other slaves, and all of them were in chastity for 4 months and me and girls milked them all dry. Two of them were crying as we milked their seed.” Miss Ebony teased me, “oh yeah slave” Miss Jen continued “the slave I milked begged me to stopped but not a chance, he is now hog tied scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush in his mouth!!!” Miss Jen laughed.

“Feeding time slave” Miss Ebony said and poured the contents of the condom into my mouth, all the ladies laughed at my face which was reacting to the horror to the vile substance going down my throat. “Want some more slave?” Miss Ebony asked, I shook my head but Miss Steff said “looked he wants more, what a slut” she laughed, my eyes pleaded to Miss Ebony but to no avail Miss Ebony took another condom and empted its contents into my mouth “yum yum slave” Miss Jen laughed “better save some for his supper” “yes” Miss Ebony “answered always nice to treat a slave for supper.”

Miss Ebony took the over condoms away and put them back on the trolley. “I reckon we deserve some worship as thanks, don't we ladies” Miss Ebony asked the other ladies both answered in unison “yes we do” and both smiled.

Miss Ebony undid the leather straps and I was on my knees in front of all the ladies. Miss Ebony pointed at Miss Steff's feet and I knew immediately what I had to do, I started to lick the feet of Miss Steff. I ran my tongue over the toes of Miss Steff and then between them, licking up all the pieces of fluff that was between them “don't miss anything slave” Miss Steff ordered me, I continued my licking to remove any sweat, I imaged the three ladies looking down at my pathetic self licking a BBW ladies feet.

Miss Steff lifted her foot and I had to move into position to lick the sole of her foot “he has learnt well Miss Ebony” Miss Steff told her “of course, if he doesn't do well I lock him in the pillory and give him a 100 strokes of the cane and give him my chilli sauce enema!!”Miss Ebony answered. 

I continued to lick the feet of Miss Steff until I was ordered to stop and stay on my knees. Miss Jen then stood in front of me and lowered herself into my eyes, “I hope that tongue is good” and then turned around and then I was faced with a huge mound of flesh. Then Miss Jen pulled her trousers and Miss Ebony held my head then pushed into Miss Jen's bum. “Get licking slave” Miss Ebony I struggled to get my tongue out and started to lick Miss Jen's bum. Miss Ebony moved my head around Miss Jen's bum and then my tongue was between Miss Jen's bum cheeks and I was soon licking Miss Jen's arse, “get your tongue in there slave” I heard and Miss Ebony pushed my head further into Miss Jen's arse.

I continued to lick for what seemed ages then Miss Ebony pulled out my head, “oh he is good” Miss Jen said, “but he needs a wash after that.” Miss Ebony grabbed my ear and pulled me to the toilet and to my horror shoved my head down the toilet and pulled the flush but did not pull head out after the flush but kept it there, I then knew why when the flush went again covering my head in more cold water.

Miss Ebony pulled me out and grabbed me again by the ear so I was soon in front of the two other ladies. I was soon surrounded by the three ladies. Then without warning Miss Ebony kicked me in the balls, I collapsed to the floor “did that hurt slave?” Miss Ebony laughed at me, “I think we should have some fun upstairs.

Miss Ebony attached a chain and strap to my balls and led me to her front room. Miss Ebony kept hold of the strap and I saw Miss Jen and Steff pick up two riding crops. Miss Ebony told me the two ladies had two minutes to hit me wherever they liked and I could only avoid the blows by having my balls tugged. I had two choices have pain in my balls or all over.

Miss Jen landed the first blow soon followed by Miss Steff, the blows landed one after another but when I tried to avoid them Miss Ebony tugged the strap attached to my balls and I yelped out in more pain. I was in pain from both the riding crops and Miss Ebony tugging the strap and after the time was up I was in tears, begging for mercy from the three BBW vixens. I kissed Miss Ebony's leather boots begging her for mercy. All I could here was laughter from the three ladies.

Miss Ebony pulled me by the hair and ordered me to shut up and spat in my face, then the other two ladies came up to me and spat in my face as well and soon my face was covered in their spit. Miss Jen took a number of photo's of me covered in their spit, “I may have that as my wallpaper on my phone” and gave out a laugh.

As I knelt in front of them covered in their spit, Miss Ebony said I needed refresher training in being a door mat. I was then ordered to lay on the floor facing upwards. The three dommes then took it in turns to walk all over me. Each lady in turn making sure that they stood full weight on my balls. I groaned in agony under each step they took.

I was then ordered to lay on my back and the three ladies then stood on me and trampled their feet, I had been reduced to nothing but a doormat for their feet. All the ladies laughed at me calling me a worthless piece of trash.

After this I was told to lay on my front again, whilst Miss Ebony left the room. She soon appeared carrying a box. Miss Ebony then stood above my shoulders and lowered herself down and then I was smothered in her leather clad behind. I struggled for breath and every thirty seconds or so she lifted her bum so I could gasp for breath. Whilst I was under her bum my balls started to sting and I knew what was happening, the two other ladies were rubbing stinging nettles on my cock and balls. I tried to move my legs but one of the ladies sat on my ankles, I was helpless. I was being suffocated and tortured at the same time. I could hear laughter from my leather bum prison. After what seemed an age I felt a cooling liquid on my balls followed by a cold metal device and more groping and laughter. 

To my horror I soon felt a searing heat on my cock and balls, I was close to passing out due to Miss Ebony's smothering but to my relieve Miss Ebony got up. The two other ladies pulled me up by my ears and I was crying in pain. They dragged me to a mirror and Miss Ebony pointed at my cock and balls. “Slave, your cock has been locked in a Kali's teeth and metal chastity device so any time you start to get hard little spikes in the Kali's teeth will cause you pain and to add to your discomfort we have covered your balls in extra strength deep heat” and let out a laugh. To my further horror the ladies posed next to me when Miss Ebony took photo's of me. “Say cheese” Miss Ebony told me and all I could do was cry in shame.

Miss Ebony then addressed her friends “I think he needs a rest before tonight's fun, you two go and get me slave nine from the cells, he needs a good whipping” and then grabbed my ear and pulled me back to my cell. When I was in my cell, she lead me to school desk. “Time for some lines before tonight, slave, I want 1000 lines I am Miss Ebony's worthless slave and if you do not finish it you will give blow jobs to my other slaves” Miss Ebony commanded, “yes Miss Ebony” I replied and started to write my lines like the worthless slave I am.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I have still been receiving gifts off my wish list,( ) I love being spoiled, your all being good boys and making empress happy.

Not sure who purchased this but I love it. What do you think....?! 

Looking forward to my holiday to Jamaica, I need a break away from this "amazing"
British weather. Anyone who wishes to contribute towards empress's holiday can find there way over to my wish list or to and purchase empress a gift card.
A few years back I started writing my memoirs, but a year or so ago I stopped, only recently I've picked the book up again and have begun to put pen back to paper, it has meant less time to go back and respond or read the longer emails I have received. So if you haven't received a response keep trying. My phone stores emails for two weeks, then I have to log into pc/laptop to see anything older. I rarely do that. So if it's been longer than two weeks resend. A lot of begging for a response tends to make me smile. If anyone wanted there story published on my blog(with no input and amendments by me), send it through on a fresh email with please publish my story in the subject along with there online tag.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Looking forward to sessioning this weekend, it's been awhile, my itch is now full blown psoriasis.

Those who can't make this weekend, I will have some availability coming up then back end of September, aswell as trying to arrange a weekend in London.

Just been flicking back through the last couple of posts and I haven't posted any recent pictures of me, .

As you can see I have lost a tiny bit of weight due to my illness but slowing getting back to my normal self..

Any BBW fans, or just fans want to find there way over to my amazon list to buy me sweets chocolates etc to help me on my way can do.

The stories I'm getting through email have been great, anymore??! Or links to things you may think I will enjoy online? I have some spare time this bank holiday and I want to fill it with filth!!

I have also taken some pictures for my fan who brought the blue bikini... anyone going to own up?!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Mistress Skylar Available

Mistress Skylar will be available for double sessions this Sat late evening, rate will be £100 ph.

Message for more info on Skylar if you haven't booked with her before or to book.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Quick update

  • Double Sessions - Ms Saskia has broken a bone so won't be able to do the double sessions at the end of the month unfortunately - I have privately messaged those who have enquired about doubles.
  • I will be doing a handful of solo sessions over that weekend - Rate will be £100ph - email asap if your interested so I can arrange somewhere to do the sessions. I can do outcall if your local

I received a shit ton of emails after my last update, think I've managed to reply to them all. Think I under estimated how many regular followers I have.

Someone not local asked me about being an online slave via Email / Phone / whatsapp...  this option is available for anyone who has thought about it for a small weekly/monthly tribute. If you want more info drop me an email asking for more info. If your needy as fuck though don't bother, I have a day job so won't be able to sit messaging all day long.

Thanks for all the gifts I have received recently, you guys do have my permission to speak up and let me know you have spoiled me, being on empress's radar is allowed. Especially love the blue bikini which arrived this morning just as I was leaving. Must be off someone who either knows I'm going to Jamaica or someone who fantasies about worshiping me in it.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Finally able to log into my blogger account properly! feels like I've been silent for ages.

People who have emailed, apologies if not received a response, I'm normally pretty good at responding however having logged into my email account on a desktop I can see that all my emails haven't synced through to my mobile and I have 100+ Non spam unread. I can't be fucking arsed to go through them all anytime soon so if you have sent me a message recently, forward it again, or send a new one. 

I have been in the middle of creating a new story but life seems to always get in the way, hopefully will have something decent soon enough.

Anyway back to the point (or very plump circle)... My Black Ass.

I often wonder why women don't act on their urges as much as men seem to, maybe I'm out the women loop and more in the "me" loop. I have been so busy lately with family, work and illness I haven't had a chance to have any empress fun times, and here I am sat up at 4am trawling the Internet looking at Femdom things as well as my own personal clips I haven't published.

Im like a wound up rubber band that's about ready to snap,


Who wants a session??? Will be doing doubles with Mistress Saskia, Outcall in the local area, if we need to travel outside of bham will need more notice and travel must be covered.

If we have met before will do solo outcall sessions.

Reasonable session cost for those who want extended sessions, (anything over 3 hours)

We will also be doing a doubles "weekend" on the August bank holiday weekend. This will be at a bham city centre hotel, and we both can be booked together or solo. Message me if you want more info, include a date & length of session.

Anyone not local but still wants to touch base and tell empress how wonderful she is and mention how much you want to worship me from afar... or even just mention that you fantasise about what my farts smell like (roses of course) then drop me an email.

For those who stumbled across this blog and are curious... I don't offer any sexual services during my sessions. No blow jobs, No foot Jobs, No Hand Jobs etc etc you get the point. I like to enjoy myself during my sessions. If it's something that doesn't do it for me it won't be done, therefore you need to be clear in your messages to me. 

And it's an hour and a half later.. and I'm finally done with this update (20 mins updating.. the rest of the time spent furiously masterbating and looking at filth on the interweb).

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Double Sessions

Limited daytime / afternoon availabity fit double sessions with Mistress Saskia in Birmingham City Centre,
On 19th May & 21st May!!

Email for more info/to book

Tuesday, 11 April 2017



I don’t feel guilty. Why should I? It’s just a bit of fun. Blokes fuck over girls all the time for a sexual thrill so why can’t it happen the other way round, and it’s not like they don’t deserve it. 


I’ve always had the fantasy from ever since I can remember. I used to sit on my teddy bears face and when I was a bit older I’d buy action men and sit on their faces. The first time I actually sat on a real person’s face was at the club. I was 24 and a friend had introduced me. That was the only way you could become a member, through personal introduction. The club isn’t what you’d call entirely legal and the owners of the club are very careful about the women they allow to join. One of the sayings there is “Rule 1. You do not talk about Fuck Club. Rule 2. You do not talk about Fuck Club.” Spot the famous film quote. (Writing about it doesn’t count LOL)


I’ve got to say, it’s my favourite place in the whole world. The only place I can be my true self. A real nasty bitch LOL! I arrive and as soon as I go in I’m treated like a queen. They can’t do enough for me. It’s the place where I can get anything I want. Anything I want sexually anyway. As you might have guessed my club’s a brothel, a brothel where girls are the punters and men are the whores. It’s a brothel for girls who like to be, you know, a bit sadistic, a bit horrible, girls who get off on being nasty and abusive. Girls like me.


Sitting on a bloke’s face, just the thought of it makes me so fucking wet, but as I’ve got a bit older and been a member of the club for a few years, my fantasies have got a lot nastier. Like I say, it’s not as if you have to feel sorry for any of the men. The owners of the club always tell us that the men we fuck over are rapists and wife beaters. That they deserve the abuse they get, and I can tell you, they get some real heavy abuse from some of the women here. Having their faces sat on by me is the least of their worries.







It always starts the same. The available men are paraded naked and I get to pick my bitch for the evening. What we actually do is rent the control box. Each bloke at the club has an electric cord round his neck and balls. The box controls their pain and so you control them. Just as well the private rooms are soundproof, although having said that, pretty much all the girls who come here love the sound of men screaming in pain. 


So I’m at the club last night, been preparing all week and really looking forward to fucking some random bloke’s face. They start the parade. One of them looks really familiar. At first I can’t believe it’s him. They’ve shaved his hair off and he’s looking down at the floor with his hands padlocked to his side. I thought maybe it just looked like him, which you know, would have been good enough, but then he looked up and I saw him recognise me. It was a momentary thing. He tried to pretend he hadn’t seen me but I knew he had and it couldn’t have been anyone else. He was my office manager. Now I understood why he’d been off work all week and now I knew why he’d never be coming back.


I guess I had never really believed the stuff about the men there being rapists although the thought did help me come to terms with the cruel treatment I meted out to them. I couldn’t imagine how David Newell had ended up there but I did know that it made me very happy. I’d suffered for years with that tosser as my manager. So many of my best friends had left the company or been sacked because of him and I was about to leave too, but from that moment on I knew he wouldn’t ever bother me again and I’d get to keep my job. Perhaps even be promoted at long last.  


He’s one of those smug wankers who thinkshe’s better and cleverer than anyone else. He was always blaming everyone and anyone, but never taking responsibility for his own fuck ups. And he’s a sexist male chauvinist bastard too. I can’t even begin to tell you how fucking wet my knickers were getting thinking of what I was going to do to him. 






One of the great things about the club is the array of brilliant apparatus they’ve got for fucking men over. There’s loads of furniture to whip them on, leg spreaders so you can kick them in the balls, or bars to bend them over so you can fuck them up the arse with a dildo.  They even have specially made toilets where they put the men underneath and you get to shit and piss on their pathetic faces. They’ve got a few brilliant bits of furniture for my particular face sitting fetish too, like the bouncy ball and the bench, but my favourite of all is the saddle. His face just sticking out from the bottom of a blackleather riding saddle, and all I have to do is mount up. You can ride either way, backwards or forwards. You just put your feet in the stirrups and then you ride his face like a proper cowgirl. There’s not much give in the saddle against the back of his head so you can pound away on his face and grind on it really hard. I’d often fantasised about doing it to my manager, or should I say my ex manager, and now it was real. I actually had the bastard strapped into the saddle. He couldn’t move a fucking muscle. I could do whatever I wanted to do to him, no matter how awful or disgusting, and best thing of all, no one was ever going to find out. The saddle was where David Newell’s nightmarewith me was going to begin. I was pretty sure it was going to end in one of the toilet cubicles LOL. 


It’s always my favourite part, where they’ve been strapped down into the face saddle, helpless as fuck, and then I saunter in and introduce myself.  With this bollock head it was going to be especially fun. As I looked down at his face sticking out of the saddle, he tried to play the old mates game. He was saying stuff like “thank god it’s you. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see a friendly face”. He went on telling me how I needed to call the police and how they tortured and killed men in this awful place. I acted all innocent and pretended I was on his side.  I said how I couldn’t believe it of a place like this. It was just a brothel, like there were for men, but for girls, a harmless sexual escape. 








I asked him how he’d come to be working in a place like this. And then he started sobbing telling me how he had a gambling habit and got into some serious debt. He told me how he’d been “sold” to the club and how they’d tortured him and forced him to service the disgusting and sadistic sexual needs of the club members. I asked him if he’d ever been in the saddle before. He was still sobbing as he told me that it was his first time in the saddle and then he whispered shamefully that he had his face sat on when he was tied to the bench and he’d been forced to actually lick a girl’s bottom. I almost burst out laughing there and then. This was going to be even more fun than I’d imagined. He begged me not to tell anyoneabout all the shameful things he’d been forced to do once I’d got him out of this terrible place. Like yeah, right LOL.


I carried on pretending I was going to help him. I asked him what else had been done to him, and he described being whipped and tortured by three young girls, being fucked up the arse by an older woman wearing ahuge strapon dildo. He also described having to take part in sex shows. He was forced to dress up in ridiculous clothes and costumes and made to perform various humiliating homosexual acts while a crowd of women jeered and threw cash demanding he suck off another man or that he was sodomised. I’d been to a few of those parties where they break in the new boys. They’re great fun. I was sad to have missed the show. 


As he described these things he was sobbing with shame. He was so distressed,but the good news was that I’d never been so turned on in my whole life. I swear I don’t know how I didn’t just straddle his face there and then. I was so fucking horny hearing about him suffering and even more hornythat he hadn’t experienced the saddle or any girls with my particular fetish. I told him that I’d go and give the police a call and he was so thankful. I reassured him that help would soon be on its way. Obviously I didn’t call the police. I told the owners of the club instead. They’re not the type of people you fuck over, and anyway I wanted him to stay just where he was. That way I could visit him again and again......and again.





I went back into the saddle room and told him that I’d called the police and they were on their way, and then I said we had to act natural so we didn’t arouse suspicion. I said that I’d need to sit on his face, and before he could protest I swung my leg over and plonked myself down hard. I felt him gasp underneath me just before I sat my full weight down. I had on leggings and tights as well as my knickers but he still must have smelled the stink. I’d worn the same knickers all week and not had a bath or shower. I sat there for a minute of two and then rose up in the stirrups slightly and looked down at his face between my legs. I asked if he was alright, and I could see he wanted to say something else but instead he told me it was ok. I apologised again but said it did need to look convincing and then I sat back down hard and really started masturbating furiously on his nose and mouth. 


As my pussy got wetter and wetter I began to smell the pissy stink from my soiled knickers and then I had my first orgasm on his face. It was absolutely delicious and my crotch was soaked. 


I sat recovering for a bit and then let rip a fart. I could hardly contain my laughter and it made me horny all over again. I got up and looked down apologising and saying how it just slipped out. He was saying it was fine and that he did understand. He was trying so hard not to upset me. I asked him laughingly if it smelled and he laughed back and said it stank. And that’s when I put on my dead serious face and said, “what do you mean it stank”. As soon as I said that I could see the fear come over him, but I was having way too much fun to let him off the hook. “So you’re saying my fart stinks”? He was stuttering now and trying to backtrack. 


Then I said, I suppose you reckon my knickers stink too. By now I think he’d cottoned on that help wasn’t really on it’s way but I didn’t let on that I’d already told the owners of the club. Instead I pressed the button on his pain box just to show who was in charge and listened with pleasure as he howled in agony







It was only a few weeks ago that I’d sat in his office for my appraisal. He’d told me “girls like you never get very far in this company regardless of how good you are at your job”.  Tosser! Now it was my turn. I lowered his face right down. The saddle was like one of those dentist chairs that you could make go up or down to be at just the perfect height. He was almost on the floor. I took my leggings and tights off and pulled my knickers out of my tights. They were my white ones with prints of blue butterflies on them. 


You see I have a routine I do each time before I visit the club. It’s all part of my fetish and I love the build up almost as much as I like actually doing it. I’ll put on a pair of knickers a week before I visit, and I won’t take them off till I’m at the club. I go out of my way to make them as filthy as possible, you know, not wiping myself too well after I’ve been to the toilet, walking miles in them that sort of thing. Get ‘em proper filthy.  Then on the day I’m going to visit I stuff myself with a vegetable curry and cabbage just to make me really farty. I love farting on their faces, but this time it was going to be even more fun. I couldn’t get over the fact it was him, such a brilliant coincidence. And he didn’t know it yet, but I was going to be doing a lot more than just farting on his face. 


So I pulled my knickers out from my tights and I start telling him how he can give my dirty pants an appraisal. This was going to be a load more fun than my last appraisal. A look of horror came over his face as I showed him the gusset with all the piss and shit stains on it. Even I was quite impressed with how filthy they were. I put the most disgusting bit right over his nose and toldhim to appraise the smell. If you could have seen how he treated me at the real company appraisal the other week you’d appreciate just how much fun I was having. 











He wrinkled up his face in disgust and told me they were disgusting and to take them off him.  He was trying to shake them off but the saddle’s designed so he can’t move his head. All he can do is try twitching his face to get the shit and piss stained gusset off his nose. He failed completely and I got to use the buzz box on him again. I left the electricity on for five minutes while I went for a piss and to get a drink. He was screaming his head off as I left the room.  If he’d have known how turned on I was getting hearing him scream in pain then he might have tried a bit harder to take it like a man instead of screaming like a pathetic bitch. But anyway, I came back and he was still screaming. I turned the box off. The knickers are still over his face and he’s begging me to tell him what to do and how he’ll do absolutely anything I say. Yeah, like that’s a surprise. Of course he’s going to do whatever I tell him to do. That’s what this club’s all about. 


I pulled up a chair right next to his head and sat my naked arse down. A took my knickers off his face and pretended to study them. They really were a work of art. Apart from the sheer stink of them, like a really strong piss and shit smell that you get in one of those dirty public toilets, they seriously looked the part too. The white showed up the stains brilliantly. I hadn’t wiped my arsetoo well that week and the brown shit marks served as reminders where I’d had a real good scratch through my knickers. If I’d known David Newell was going be at the wrong end of them I probably would have made them even more awful but they were pretty nasty even by my standards. 


“So what do you think David?” I asked. As he mumbled some pathetic response about them being OK and having a nice pattern, I remembered how he’d fired one of my best mates a few months earlier telling her she needed to do better if she was going to be a part of his team. In reality her only crime was pushing him away when he tried to get off with her at the office Christmas party. I pushed the pain button and watched him convulse and scream. I fingered myself a bit and then turned the box off and calmly explained to my sobbing ex-manager how he’d need to do a lot better if I was going to allow him the opportunity of being a part of my panty cleaning team. I so wished I could have invited some of my work mates and ex workmates. They would have loved to see him like this, helpless and at their mercy, but I had to be so careful who I told about this placeStill, I wouldn’t let that stop me fucking with his head.


I told him how I was going to inform some of the girls from work about his new job and bring them down to have a bit fun with him.  He starts begging me not to tell any of them, but you know I’m listing the names of who I’m going to bring with me next time and pretending they’re all into the same stuff as me. I start telling him how I’m going to organise a dirty knickers competition and he’ll get to be the judge. I tell him how he’ll need to practice on my knickers and then I laid the gusset over his nose again and told him to take a huge long sniff. He did what he was told and I was delighted to see him gag. Then I asked him what they smelled of.  He was crying now, partly out of shame and also because of the fear of what was going to happen next. He knew I was going to make him suck them clean and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Through his tears he told me how they smelled of flowers. 


All the times I’ve been coming to this club and playing these games, I’ve never heard any of my bitches tell me my dirty knickers smelled of flowers, so I was pretty impressed. Still, I didn’t let that stop me pushing the button on him. While he was screaming I calmly explained that he mustn’t lie and that actually they smelled of piss and shit, which they did. I stopped zapping him and asked him again what they smelled like. This time he changed tack and told me they smelled of piss and shit. Obviously this was deeply insulting to me and I had to push the button again. LOL


The next part of the game was to make him beg for the honour of cleaning them. Obviously the first few times he didn’t beg convincingly enough so I had to zap his sorry arse, but after a few goes his begging became almost believable, and I stuffed my knickers into his mouth telling him how they’d better come out clean or I’d have him whipped. Then I stood naked over his face and raised the saddle up. As his face rose to meet my arse I pulled my bum cheeks open and felt his nose push into my arse hole. The saddle lifted me off the floor and stopped at its maximum height. I put my feet in the stirrups and bounced hard on his nose. My shit hole was nice and greasy not having washed it or wiped it too well, so his nose slid easily in and out. I love getting my arse hole nose fucked. It feels fucking great, almost as great as a proper good rimming where he sticks his tongue right up inside. 

And it’s always better when I’ve got a real dirty bum hole, where I haven’t washed or wiped for ages. Knowing he’s got to clean out all the sweat and shit just makes me so fucking wet. 


I pulled the knickers out of his mouth and told him to lick out my arse while I inspected them to make sure he’d got all the stains out. I pulled my bum cheeks as far apart as I could and pushed my anus onto his protruding tongue. His arse licking skills weren’t bad which was more than could be said for his knicker cleaning skills. The brown and yellow stains were still very much in evidence and my underwear didn’t smell any better, but I let him rim out my arse for a while until I had another orgasm. When I recovered I rose up in the stirrups and let him have it, first slapping his face and then electrocuting him with some jolts from the buzz box as I berated him for not getting the stains out of my knickers. He was begging me to be allowed another chance to clean them. That was what I wanted to hear so I stuffed them back in his mouth, turned around to face his feet and planted my soaking wet pussy onto his nose. That’s when I really let go pounding his face as hard as I could. I was in a wild and wonderful haze. I pulled my knickers from his mouth and replaced them with my clit,shouting “suck it bitch”.  Having him lick me out was just the best and to top it all, just as I was coming I let rip the smelliest fart right into his pathetic face. 


Farts have always made me laugh. I guess that’s why I love farting in bloke’s faces so much. Farts are funny. And also farting into someone’s face is so incredibly demeaning and insulting to them, not to mention quite disgusting. Of course it’s going to get me turned on all over again. Doing it in David Newell’s face, even more so. And on top of that I got to play the whole “what did my fart smell like?” game which ensured loads more buzz box action. 


I can’t tell you how much fun I had with him that night and how many times I came on his face. It was so much more fun because it was David, and not just some random stranger. I despised this scum bag so much and by the end of our session I’d made him pass out with all the pain. But it was only going to get worse for him.




I don’t usually crap on their faces but in this case I was prepared to make an exception. It’s so weird looking down into the toilet and seeing a face staring back up. It’s actually pretty fucking creepy but a lot of girls who come to the club, really get off on it. He was crying and saying how he couldn’t believe I could do that to people and calling me an evil nasty bitch. What could I say? He wasn’t wrong. LOL. He was asking how I managed to sleep at night which was weird cos I sleep perfectly well at night. Like I say, it’s not like they don’t deserve it. Him especially.


I was bored of hearing him slag me off so I pushed the button on him and listened to him scream. I left the box on full pain level as I sat down and did my business all over his face. After that I left. I’m very much looking forward to my next visit.


























Nasty Revenge (Part 2)


The next day I had a call from one of the owners of the club thanking me for “doing the right thing” in reporting my manager when he asked for my help to escape. (LOL, still calling him my manager) She told me he’d been left all night in the toilet with my crap all over his face before being soundly beaten, and she offered me a free session with him whenever I felt like it. 


We got to chatting and I mentioned where I knew him from and how awful he was when he was my manager, and also how nasty he was to so many of my friends. I couldn’t believe it when she responded by saying that if I was extra careful and followed some basic precautions I could bring two of them along to the club to have a bit of fun with him. 


pretty much knew instantly which two friends I was going to bringCertainly my best friend Rosa, she hated him more than I did. He used to call her a fat ugly waste of space. Granted she was quite a big girl, but she certainly wasn’t ugly and she was bloody good at her job. The point was that for the past few years he’d ruined Rosa’s self-confidence without any cause or reason except to be nasty and mean. I was pretty sure Rosa didn’t have the same kind of fetish as me, but I knew she’d enjoy seeing him suffer, and what girl doesn’t like getting her pussy licked out. She’d love it.


The other friend I wanted to take along was Svetlana. She was a Slovakian girl, blonde and stunning. David Newell had asked her to go out with him at the Christmas partyand when she’d refused his advances the bastard sacked her. I thought of Svetlana because we’d had a drunken conversation once in the pub and she admitted to having unrequited fantasies about pissing and shitting on a blokes faceShe told me that she could never be that nasty in real life, but I suspected that if I told her about David’s predicament, she might finally allow herself to fulfill her fantasy. It would also be something I’d love to watch.


organised an evening to go out for a drink with the two of them, and once I’d sworn them both to secrecy I told them about my fantasies and my special club, and how I’d discovered David Newell in his new job. Svetlana could hardly contain herself and told me how she hadn’t stopped fantasisingabout himShe admitted that every time she took a dump she imagined it was all over his face. She laughed with embarrassment as she confessed to sometimes having imaginary conversations with the toilet bowl pretending his face was peering out of the bottom


Rosa stayed quiet for a while. She couldn’t quite understand why we got so turned on by being nasty in that way to men but I could see she was pretty excited about punishing the guy who’d made her life such a misery for the past few years. 


As we got drunker I bemoaned the fact that I’d only ever acted out my fantasy on my own and how it would be great to watch Svetlana and Rosa abuse him too. Both started to question me more closely about my own particular fantasy. Svetlana loved the idea of wearing the same pair of knickers for a week and then making him clean them. Rosa wasn’t sure she could wear hers a whole week but she couldn’t stop laughing when I described how I’d made him beg to clean mine. Most of all though, Rosa loved the idea of violently torturing him and making him pay for being so nasty to her.


A couple of weeks later we arrived together at the club. The three of us were all quite drunk. I’d been asked to blindfold Rosa and Svetlana on the way to the club until they were inside. They were both pretty excited as I removed the blindfolds. I’d arranged for David to be naked except for short pink frilly tutu just to give the girls a good laugh. He had his hands cuffed behind his back and his ankles tied to each end of a pole so his legs were spread. As their eyes accustomed to the light in the room and they realisedDavid was standing in front of them looking totally ridiculous and also completely helpless both girls broke into raucous drunken laughter and we all high fived each other. David looked down at the floor as I gave my two friends a riding crop each and watched them both lay into him with drunken glee until he was sobbing on the floor and begging them to stop. I ordered him to slide over to them on his stomach and kiss their feet thanking them for his beating, which he did as best he could. Svetlana knelt down and asked him if he remembered her. He meekly replied “yes maam” to which Svetlana said “good, I’m going to shit all over your stupid face later, but first we’re going to have some fun with you. Again he meekly replied “yes maam


In the few weeks since my last visit to the club it was obvious that all the fight he had in him was gone and now he was just like all the other docile obedient slaves in the club, which suited me just fine. Rosa asked if he remembered her too but before he could answer she again laid into him with her riding crop ignoring all his pleas for her to stop. She obviously had a load of pent up aggression that needed releasing. It was great to see my best friend enjoying herself so much but watching him suffer was making me horny so once she’d exhausted herself giving him the thrashing he so richly deserved I had him moved to the saddle room whilst the three of us went to the bar for some more drinks. 


Svetlana and Rosa were totally hyped at the beating they’d given him and Svetlana was already talking to the owners of the club asking how she could join. Rosa couldn’t stop smiling and recounting with glee howhe’d screamed the loudest when she’d started targeting his balls with the crop. I asked her if she was going to try sitting on his face and she and Svetlana gave each other a knowing glance and then both came and hugged me, thanking me for bringing them to my club and telling me how they were going to put on a special show for me to enjoy. I kind of suspected as much because I’d noticed they were both a bit stinky in the car journey there. I was so looking forward to this. I’d never actually watched my fantasy being acted out and truth be told I found Svetlana very attractive.Well, who wouldn’t? She was about my height but with a beautiful face, a perfect body and a gorgeous rounded and perfectly shaped butt. I was looking forward to seeing her get naked and sitting on a blokes face, and on top of that I just loved the fact that David totally fancied her and now he was going to get her, just not in a way he’d ever imagined. 


As we stumbled into the saddle room, even drunker than before, both my friends found the site of David’s face poking out from the saddle hilarious. They couldn’t stop laughing at him. I handed Rosa the pain box, which she immediately turned up full and then pushed the button causing a scream of agony from David, and causing me to get turned on all over again. I was itching to just mount up on his face but I made do with rubbing myself through my jeans as I watched my two friends come up close to the saddle and start to talk to him.


“Hey David” Rosa said looking down at him, “do you want to tell me what a fat ugly waste of space I am. Go on tell me how fat and ugly I am” as she again pushed the button on the pain box and turned it up to full. David was begging her to stop but again I could see the pent up rage in Rosa as she mercilessly kept pushing the button. This was going to be so therapeutic for her. Then Svetlana joined in the taunting. “Hey David,remember how you told me what a cute ass I had. Well now you’re going to get a real close look at it.” 


As David was still screaming in pain, Svetlana put her foot in the stirrup, swung her leg over and sat heavily on his face. Rosa finally put the pain box down and took off her jeans as Svetlana rode his face hard in her skin-tight black lycra leggings that she’d been wearing along with her panties all week. She was bouncing up and down singing the theme from Rawhide in her strong Slovak accent, every now and then rising up in the stirrups and slapping his face hard before resuming her bouncing and singing. Rosa was laughing so hard she actually pissed her knickers. Then Svetlanaforced him to sing along with her as she bounced harder and harder. It was hilarious hearing him try to sing whilst a drunken raucous girl bounced her gorgeous bum up and down on his face. I loved watching her sexy lycra covered backside squishing down mercilessly on his features. It was so fucking horny.  


Meanwhile Rosa tugged her now wet and pissy pale pink panties down and with a naughty grin showed me the gusset. I couldn’t believe the state of them. In spite of all her talk about not being able to wear them for a whole week I’ve got to say they were absolutely disgusting. I didn’t envy David. Mine were in a state but nothing compared to Rosa’s. Svetlana dismounted and removed her leggings and knickers asRosa stuffed her sopping wet panties into his mouth ordering him to clean them. Svetlana’s knickers were red and silky. She dangled the crotch of them over David’s nose and blew kisses at him and told him how she wanted to hear him sniff good and hard. I caught site of the nasty stains on her soiled underwear and could hardly contain myself. The whole scene was so goddamn horny and I was so glad it was him rather than some other random bloke on the receiving end of them. Svetlana ordered him to beg her to stuff them into his mouth along with Rosa’s and bless him, he did try to beg but of course his mouth was full of Rosa’s disgusting pissy pants. 


Rosa was on it immediately and pushed the button on him for not begging properly as Svetlana had ordered, and as he opened his mouth to make a muffled scream of pain, Svetlana stuffed her panties in and then leaned down and whispered in his ear about how she was going to enjoy shitting and pissing all over his disgusting ugly face. Rosa couldn’t stop giggling and joked how he used to be our manager and now he was our washing machine and toilet. Again we all burst out into fits of drunken giggles.


Just thinking about the two filthy pairs of knickers in his mouth and his total humiliation by the girls whose lives he’d made so miserable at work, was now toomuch for me to hold back. I quickly took off my jeans and very wet knickers, straddled his face and forced his nose into my dirty bottom and pushed down hard. It felt so good feeling his nose sliding into my anus as I felt him trying desperately to chew out the horrible stains from Rosa’s and Svetlana’s underwear and also to breatheI started to masturbate furiously with my big dildo that I’d brought along, and within a few minutes I had a massive orgasm, squirting all over his face as my two friends cheered my long and very wet climax. 


For the next two hours David was tortured mercilessly as each of us punished him for failing to properly clean our filthy panties. Svetlana’s, as I mentioned before, were totally gross and I marveled at how someone so gorgeous could be so disgusting. I say that, but it completelyturned me on at the same time, but the absolute winner of the dirty knickers competition was Rosa. David was visibly retching as he tried desperately to get the huge skid marks out of them and every time he failed Rosa took great pleasure in pushing the pain button making him scream through his disgusting shitty gag.


Once we’d done with the dirty knickers games I rode his face some more and so did Svetlana, both of us butt naked. We had some great orgasms as we forced him to lick out our pussies and smelly shit holes.Svetlana loved how his nose slid so easily up her dirty bottom and she let off someloud and very stinky farts whilst his nose was wedged deep up inside. We all hadgreat fun getting him to describe how nice her toxic farts smelled. She made some jokes about her farts being the starters with the main course soon to follow and I could see she was getting increasingly excited about finally acting out her fantasy.  


Then Rosa decided she wanted to have a go sitting on his face and what a pleasure it was to watch my best mate slowly come to the realisation that this was her thing. She started off slowly at first rocking gently, feeling his nose push into her vagina. She was facing away from him and I suggested she should try having her bum hole licked out. Rosa reached behind her and pulled apart her arse cheeks and as his by now expert tongue penetrated up into her anus Rosa let out a yelp of joy and pushed her full weight down on his already pulverised face.She started shouting at him to lick harder as she rubbed her anus furiously on his exhausted mouth. Then she turned around, slapped his face hard and commanded himto lick out her pussy. I never would have believed she had it in her and it was such a pleasure to see her cum so hard. 


We retired exhausted back to the bar and changed into some clean knickers and our pretty cocktail dresses whilst a member ofstaff prepared the toilet for Svetlana whowas getting increasingly excited about what she was about to do. She also properly needed to go. Then unexpectedly David was dragged naked into the main bar by one of the club’s owners who brought him over to Svetlana and ordered him to beg her in front of everyone to shit on his pathetic face. You could see by the way he begged so desperately that he was terrified of this woman. He was lying prostrate on the floor and kissing Svetlana’s feet and sobbing saying “please please ma’am, please use my face as your toilet, it will be such a great honour for me.”


Svetlana played along, looking at her nails and pretending not to be too impressed. She looked around at all the women in the barwho were watching with rapt interest at the scene going on and asked loudly if everyone thought he was being convincing enough. There was a resounding answer of no with lots of laughter and the club owner beat him with a long thin riding whip whilst Rosa sent the electricity pulsating though his neck and balls. He was writhing on the floor screaming in agony, which seemed to please pretty much everyone in the bar and then he was told to beg Svetlana more convincingly. He was sobbing unrelentingly now begging again for her to use his face as her toilet, desperate for her to decide his begging was good enough and to actually shit on his face.


Svetlana needed to go too much to stretch the game out any further, much to the annoyance of many of the women in the bar. Some asked if they could use him too and the owner assured everyone that he’d be remaining in the toilet for the rest of the evening for anyone interested in paying him a visit. Then as a final humiliation to David he was ordered onto all fours and Svetlana was given the riding crop and invited to ride him to the toilets where she could watch him being installed. She gleefully jumped on his back, whipping his arse and again, much to everyone’s merriment, sang the theme song to Rawhide in her thick Slovakian accent, forcing David to sing along too. Rosa and I followed them out kicking David hard up his bum all the way to the toilets. This wasturning out to be one of the best nights of my life.


Svetlana was dying to go but before she sat down to do her business we all gathered round the toilet to see David’s sad little face peering up out of the bowl and to laugh at him a bit more before we left him to his fate. Svetlana explained to him how she’d just joined the club and that she’d be using him as her toilet quite a bit from now on. She pointed out that it was a bit like she was his girlfriend and I told him to thank her for giving him such an honourHe did of course thank her but not quickly enough for Rosa’s liking and she pushed the button on his pain box. Rosa was a little creeped out I thinkseeing his face looking up from the bottom of the toilet bowl but she despised him too much to let an opportunity like this slip by and she was determined to at least piss on his face before the night was out. As a parting gesture Rosa spat into the toilet bowland then we left Svetlana to it. 


As we were leaving the toilet we heard a huge farting sound and some satisfied grunting coming from the cubicle. We heard Svetlana talking to him and asking if he was enjoying being her boyfriend and we heard him humbly telling her what a great honour it was and thanking her for using him. Rosa and I looked at each other and giggled. We returned to the bar and I asked Rosa if she was interested in joining the club too. We looked around and all over there were girls and women abusing men in some way. There were men being anally raped with huge dildos, men being beaten, or on their knees with their heads between women’s legs. They were being slapped and shouted at. I found the whole scene incredibly intoxicating and arousing, but Rosa felt uneasy. It was one thing abusing David Newell. He deserved it, but these others? I explained that they were all rapists and wife beaters, but even so, it just wasn’t her thing. She was however very keen to visit David one last time. 


Svetlana returned from the toilet and gave me a big hug, thanking me for bringing her. This club definitely was her thing and shitting on David Newell’s face was the biggest sexual thrill she’d ever experienced. She told us that when she’d finished and left the toilet cubicle, there was a queue of girls waiting to use him. I was glad that after years of coming to the club I finally had a friend to come along with. I never really mixed with the other women. Usually I justmostly spent my time in the saddle room on my own, abusing some face or other. 


Just before we left the club Rosa decided she needed the toilet so I took her to visit David one last time. The toilet was occupied when we got there. We waited a few minutes and heard the flush go. The door opened and a huge fat Arabic woman came out with a satisfied look on her face. Luckily the toilet was well ventilated but the stink was still atrocious. She laughed and told us to give it a couple of minutes, which sent Rosa back into a fit of giggles. “It’s funny because it’s David Newell” she managed to choke out through tears of laughter. 


We waited a few moments and both went into the toilet together. Rosa looked down into the bowl at David’s face peering up from the bottom. Although the flush was a series of powerful jets of water, there was plenty of evidence left behind of David’s ordeal. There were skid marks all over his face of varying shades of brown, and Rosa noted one particular nasty one just under his nose that made him look a bit like Hitler. We both laughed and thought how apt that was for such a bastard like him. 


I sat down on the loo and pissed long and hard. I moved about a bit so it went all over his face. Then I curled out a nice long turdwhich settled satisfyingly right over his nose. I wiped myself and casually tossed in the toilet paper. I rarely wiped my bum after going to the toilet at the club. I usually just went straight back into the saddle room and made whatever bitch I had in the saddle clean my arse for meI could see David’s piggy little eyes peering at me though my shit. I took the pain box from Rosa and pressed the button for a minute of two. I so loved hearing the stupid bastard scream. When I finally took my finger off the button I told him to apologise to Rosa for being such a nasty bastard to her all those years and to tell her how gorgeous she was and to not stop until we left the cubicle. Then I pushed the button again and told him to be convincing, or else.   


Through his tears he began to apologiseabjectly, and to then describe how stunningly gorgeous Rosa was. Rosa smiled as she seated herself above his face and while he was still telling her how pretty she was, Rosa started to pee. We both found it hugely funny to hear him splutter as he tried to continue telling her how beautiful she was with a cascade of piss falling in his mouthThen I heard a loud farty explosion, and a couple more as Rosa let out a stream of very smelly diarrhea all over him. Still he continued with his praise for her wonderful face and perfectly shaped body. She looked at me guiltily, got up and then we bothlooked down a David’s face. It was completely covered in Rosa’s foul shit, yet still he continued. We burst out laughing.Rosa went to wipe herself but there wasn’t very much toilet paper left. She did the best she could with what was left and thenflushed the awful mess away as both of us left the toilet in hysterical laughter with David’s voice trailing away in the background.


When we got back to the bar Svetlana was chatting to a small group of women. She was much more sociable than me. She was asking them all kinds of questions about the club and had already planned our next visitI must say that the whole social aspect of the club had passed me by, but coming with Svetlana was going to open up a whole new way of enjoying myself, socialising with like minded women, perhaps getting new ideas and just generally watching as well as doing. My only sadness was that Rosa didn’t seem so interested. We really had such a laugh that night. It was a real shame she didn’t seem so keen to come again.


Having not fully wiped herself after her unexpected shit Rosa wanted to clean up properly in the shower room. With a mischievous grin I called over one of theservice boys, a very good looking one, and ordered him to put his head on the chair seat, face up. Then I gestured to Rosa to sit on his face. She raised her eyebrows and said “rapist eh” and I nodded. Both of us laughed. I told him to make sure he cleaned her up properly as Rosa reached under the dress she’d changed into, tugged her knickers down, pulled her buttocks apart and sat down on his face. Lightly at first butthen she settled down comfortably and with her full weight. She maneuvered so that her anus was over his mouth, and once he’d licked out the worst of her shit, she wiped her bum lewdly over his features before moving back a bit and getting him to lick outher pussy. As soon as his well-trained tongue snaked up into the depths of her vagina and suckled on her clit, and I saw the satisfied and ecstatic look spread across her face, I knew she’d be back. How could any girl resist a place like this?