Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Breast Smothering.......?

Breast Smothering........

I havent smothered someone with my 48 HH breast in awhile, i think im having withdrawal symptoms....

Keep finding myself day dreaming about smothering everyone with them...

Tom Cruise (yes watched the new movie today thought it was awesome) 
Terry Hollands 
My Taxi Driver 
My Neighbour 
The fucking cunt who snippered the handbag i wanted in the boxing day sale. 
The Butcher

The Baker

The Candle stick Maker... 

You get the gist... been a long time haha.


****LONDON - FEBRUARY 2012***** 17th & 19th February 2011,

****LONDON - FEBRUARY 2012*****

Birmingham's greatest Black Domme Duo Mistress Saskia & Black Empress will be staying in a central London apartment between the 17th & 19th February 2011,

Session Rates

1 HOUR - £180
2 HOURS - £360
3 HOURS - £540

Please note that no HS is offered during double sessions. (You may book me or Ms Saskia solo however rate is the same PH....)

if there is something you wish to happen during your session which is not listed on mine or ms Saskia's profile email me to discuss.

If you wish to discuss sessions longer than 3 hours or an overnight session contact me.

A 40% deposit will need to be paid to secure your bookings if not a previous Client of me or mistress Saskia. No exceptions. Should Black Empress or Mistress Saskia be unable to attend the session, deposits will be paid back in full.

Due to the popularity & demand of Mistress Saskia & Black Empress in London it is suggested you book sooner rather than later!!!!

Monday, 12 December 2011