Monday, 16 September 2013

I fucking hate mondays, especially this fucking Monday. Ive had a migraine from hell and spent the day being a Diva with huge sunglasses on demanding water and headache drugs at regular intervals throughout the day. ;) I love being waited on.

Finally home and time to catch up on my soaps ... Not Eastenders or coronation street. I'm talking about Breaking Bad & Dexter ;)

What would make this evening perfect is if i had a nice comfy seat who took in all my gasses and took my full weight throughout my tv binge...

Instead teddies gonna get it while I watch my american soaps and do my nails with a lovey Nail wrap set a fan brought me, and eat plenty of chocolate.

I just remembered I took some pictures for this blog the other day, il put them up when I get a moment in another post but for now you can enjoy my nails lol 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

London update...

Not going to be able to make London in September, however will be down 18-20th October, I'll be heading down early evening on the 18th so won't be doing any sessions on that day. 

Message me for more info, will also be updating my blog with more info soon.

It is pretty evident I love London however if you want me to tour in a different area let me know. Few request already made for Dublin, never been so just may give it ago next year