Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Facesitting, Trampling & Squashing Doubles Day

Mistress Saskia and i are holding one of our famous doubles days!!

*** Saturday 9th June***

Does what it says on the tin!! We will be offering Facesittin,Trampling and Squashing sessions.

*** Special Summer Rates***

£100 per hour

£60 for Half hour

Inbox myself or Mistress Saskia to book a session.


Doubles day will be held in North Birmingham area.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fooooul mood!!

I've woken up in a absolutely foul fuckin mood today... Ild like to spend the day donning some football boots and stamping on some dumb mother fuckers balls until they pop in a painfully bloody mess..... But instead i shall be going into work and answering dumb fucking questions with my middle finger or my fist....

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Click the picture for a closer look at my perfect arse...

Worth a try.... :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ahhh Fuck it!!

Soooo... Having re-read the rules for what you can and cant post on this blog and i figure fuck it...!!  Im starting to edit my pictures starting with old then moving onto the new ones and will be posting more facesitting, trampling and my handwork on my bitches..

if you don't like how I edit my pictures.. go fuck yourself because I don't really care. (unedited pictures are on my Adultwork site where you will have to get your wallet out and purchase them)




Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Weekday daytime availability coming up soon...

************ UPDATE*****************

I shall be offering day time and evening weekday sessions between the 25th June - 29th June and again during 2nd July - 6th July...

I also may have the capacity to travel as long as travel cost are covered... I have had a fair few emails about weekday day sessions & believe most dates wont be available for to long. So don't leave it to late to book/enquire. known time wasters will have to pay deposit before booking

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I haven't updated my Blog in ages..!! whoops. I haven't forgotten about you all though!!! Been very busy at work the past month, a swell as having weekends away with the ladies, been non stop. I have a another weekend away with 25 of my beautiful lady friends next weekend then another weekend in London the week after then its pretty much calm for awhile so will be back to scratching my perverted itch and doing sessions again...

Although I have managed to fit in a couple of sessions during the past month and abit I still find that my mind has been wondering and been thinking of smothering my pumplex boss with my big black ass..!! hmmm one day maybe...

Do you all find that if you don't indulge into your fetish it tends to be on your mind more than normal....?? If I was a guy I think I would constantly have the biggest hardon all the time with how my mind works... good job I'm Devilish female who only has a big hardon when I chose to strap it on.

Anyway.... after all the busyness will get some facesitting pictures up.... as i've noticed its won the Poll!! thanks for all the emails and votes