Saturday, 25 August 2012

Animated Face Sit

I really should be spending my time doing something productive however........ productive can be boring...  thought i would have a play around with some of my pictures instead.
(it prob could do with abit of tweaking however... cba)


Black Empress & Mistress Saskia End of Summer Doubles Day

Sessions will be held in a Birmingham Based incall address

Will be offering

Facesitting / Queening
Smothering / Squashing
Foot worship
Maid / Sissy Training
Goddess Worship
Financial Domination
Total Power Exchange

We may also have Mistress Louise joining us on the doubles day.. so just may be a Triple day. (picture coming soon)

Mistress Louise is a good friend of mine and currently in the process of being mentored by myself and Goddess Saskia.

Mistress Lou's Stats

Race :  White
Height : 5'6
Weight : 9 stone
Shoe size : 7
Dress Size : 10/12

Rates for the Doubles Day


30 mins - £60
1 hour - £100
1 hour 30 mins - £160
2 hours  - £200

For anything longer than 2 hours send us an email for further info.

Triples Rate

30 mins - £90
1 hour £150
1 hour 30 mins - £240
2 hours £300

For anything longer than 2 hours send us an email for further info.

You are able to book Myself or Mistress Saskia for Solo sessions during the doubles day however you will be charged the same rate as a double session.

I will be offering W/S as part of solo sessions however this will only be available for sessions of 1hour or more, and half the time will be spent with Goddess Saskia and me, and the final half spent being my toilet.

N.B - The rates mentioned above are not our normal doubles rate. The above rate is for the doubles date only.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday all booked!!

Just booked another holiday in the sunny sun sun with the girls in November... cant wait.. !!

Hopefully will be able to fit weekend in Amsterdam, London and Dublin before the end of this year...!! a very busy and expensive next couple of months!!

Now for the other exciting part....(apart from actually being on holiday that is..) SHOPPING!!

Which one of you lucky slaves wants to take Black Empress Shopping??!?


How about you treat Empress to a gift from my WISH LIST!!

working on a sunday sucks....

Stuck in the office on a Sunday, its roasting hot, the air con is never turned on on a weekend.  i am sweating my metaphorical bollocks off!!!

Anyway... going to spend the next 30mins looking on the Internet for big asses would like to see smothering my boss!!

Then back to wooork :-)

Not sure who these wonderful ass's are but all power to the Big Butts!!!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Just finished editing............

I have finally got round to editing some clips Me and Mistress Saskia made a month ago.... Some very exciting clips coming up....

Just need to set up clips 4 sale now and will put them up

Watch this space!!!