Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Femdom Links as promised

First.... I will say that "happy endings" for subs are not my thing at all! however some of the vids are ok up until that point. Also.. I'm very much for female supremacy, so vids where females are subs.. I tend to use my imagination and pretend I've dressed a sub guy up as a sissy, or just pretend it's your wife who would be to stupid and weak to even classify under "female" ;) As mentioned before I haven't had a chance to look through all of them.

This one is one of my fav 

Does anyone know where the second part of this may be?
So.. Results are back, well were back abit ago. I just haven't got round to updating here, as wasn't sure exactly how much information was necessary.

In short... I'm going to be having an operation within the next 3 weeks (yes that soon) which will help with my current symptoms. Means I may be spending Xmas in hospital depending on recovery after op. But blurgh.  I've also got to start being a lot more healthier, meaning no more meals for two for one, binges or smoking :( for now. All in the name of getting better. 

Anyway, that's enough of that , although short that's more information than a lot of my family and friends know.

Thanks to all who sent me links and those who took the time to write me stories . I'm really overwhelmed with the amount of emails sent with get well wishes. 

A lot of good links, which will share in the next hour or so, just charging my iPad first. I haven't had a chance to look through them all yet but will share most.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Quick update..

Not feeling 100% at the moment, so won't be in either London or Liverpool this side of Christmas.

Have a few hospital appointments coming up and a wait for results.... Nothing serious ( I hope)

Going to drive me fucking nuts slowing down, but got to be done.

Doesn't mean by no means I'm disappearing off the scene, just means I can't be travelling all over.


Anyone want to cheer me up/take me mind off things?? Send me links to nawty things, big black booties squashing pathetic white guys, femdom YouTube vids, etc etc ( think you guys already know what I'm into )

Or if anyone has got any time on there hands and knows how to photo shop stuff , how about sending me a photo shopped pic of me from me site with me sitting or standing on a celebrity, some skinny white bitch, or snobbish celebrity bastard. Haha the thought of that one already has me smiling.