Thursday, 6 November 2014

Quick update..

Not feeling 100% at the moment, so won't be in either London or Liverpool this side of Christmas.

Have a few hospital appointments coming up and a wait for results.... Nothing serious ( I hope)

Going to drive me fucking nuts slowing down, but got to be done.

Doesn't mean by no means I'm disappearing off the scene, just means I can't be travelling all over.


Anyone want to cheer me up/take me mind off things?? Send me links to nawty things, big black booties squashing pathetic white guys, femdom YouTube vids, etc etc ( think you guys already know what I'm into )

Or if anyone has got any time on there hands and knows how to photo shop stuff , how about sending me a photo shopped pic of me from me site with me sitting or standing on a celebrity, some skinny white bitch, or snobbish celebrity bastard. Haha the thought of that one already has me smiling.

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