Thursday, 8 September 2011


Perfect for....................??

off out


Black Empress's dream....

I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face ever, I had the most amazing dream ever. I dreamt that I was sitting up high on a solid gold throne, wearing black knee high boots, and black short skirt, black bra, and a fur collared cape. In my hand I had about 30 keys all on one keyring. My slave was on his knees naked (bar his chastity device) kissing and worshiping my boots. Behind slave was a long line of more sluts itching to serve me, all of there cocks locked away with me as the key owner, all holding something in there hands. I kicked my slave out of the way and shouted for the next slave to come up, He ran shakily up to me both petrified and happy at the thought of his chance to serve me, and dropped a handfull of gold coins at my feet. He told me what a good little slut he had been for me, and that he had been very busy sucking cock for me/ cleaning/ taking cock and being an all round whore to get me the gold coins. I told him what a good little bitch he had been and his shaking stopped, (dread to think what I wld have done in the dream if he came bearing nothing) Then I kicked him away and called up the next bitch, and the same thing happened. Except this bitch had a different accent. Seems as though in my dream I have sluts all over the place, was pimping them out and taking 100% of the money earned. I must admit as well as waking up with a big dirty smile I woke up with very moist knickers. I absolutely buzzed off the power I had. One day........ ;)

Muhammad Ali - quote 7/14/2011 7:19:28 AM

7/14/2011 7:19:28 AM

If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize. - Muhammad Ali

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Black Empress is looking for a personal seat/slave....

Black Empress is looking for a personal seat/slave........

Must fit the below...

*Must be as comfortable if not comfort-abler than a sofa 

*Must be able to take my full weight on them
* Must be handy with DIY
*Must be able to act as a vacuum should I need to expel air from my wonderful arse
* Must be able to act as a full toilet (without the gaggin & puking)
*Must be able to handle a severe beating (even more so around that time of the month)
*Must drive and be able to serve at the drop of a very cool New Era hat
*Must have a good tongue should it be needed
*Must not come with emotional baggage
*Must not have any kids wife or girlfriend
*Must have own teeth, hair personality*Must be considered a 10/10 in the looks department
*Must own a nice house with a kitted out dungeon(this must be later put into my name)
*Must earn in excess of £500,000 per annum
*Must have said income paid directly into my bank account
*Must own there own private Jet
*Must also have there own small island which includes a butler
* Must be able to breath through there belly button
*Must know what i want done before i even know myself

Carlsberg don't do personal slaves but if they did......

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

looking for subs for no strings house work September 09 2011

Looking for subs/housemaids/sissy who are available to serve this weekend doing some no strings house work...

There is no normal session fee along for this, but there is a catch... message me for more info if you fit the below criteria.

* Must be willing to work with other subs/slaves sissy's present.

* Are available for at least 2 hours.

* just as with my day job i don't put up with any slackers. Don't apply if you expect to be floating around with a feather duster as you will be booted into a better frame of mind.

Busy weekend...8/30/2011 8:56:29 PM

8/30/2011 8:56:29 PM

Wow.... What a busy weekend.
Had a great session on Saturday with someone I met off collarme, he is now under consideration to be one of my personal bitches!! We will see if he is mouldable.
Sunday I had to go into work..... The joys of having a job..... When I do decide to take on a 24/7 slave they will be made to go out working for me, whether it be sucking cock or an office job...
After work me and my sister went shopping in the bullring for a new bankholiday outfit, spent far to much but black empress always should have everything she wants regardless of price!
Had a great night out Sunday night dancing and partying until 6am in the morning. Monday was a complete right off, spent it in bed with the worse hang over ever... Was worth it though. At least it's only a 4 day working weeking. I'm going to have my prospective personal slave over to do house work and be my personal toilet... 

Another great song of the moment, Ed sheeran...8/27/2011 8:44:27 AM

8/27/2011 8:44:27 AM

Loving this song at the moment....


Riots.....!!8/9/2011 9:41:52 PM

Bluurggghhh!! fucking Riots

Bad times around these parts just now..

Treat Black Empress to personal M&M's mmmmm 8/4/2011 9:27:36 PM

8/4/2011 9:27:36 PM - - wow!!

Pink & Purple Gift box with the words Black Empress written on them...

You know you want to spoil me :-)

Website people.... heeelllpppp!!! 8/1/2011 6:42:28 PM

8/1/2011 6:42:28 PM

Any of you subs know how to build websites, and will build me one for free....??! already have a domain name
have it all written up... etc
you will have to build it on a free hosting site and i will just link it to the domain name i already have.
its a simple enough idea/layout i have so doesn't need no top web design person...Needs someone who will put in time to make sure its exactly how i say i want it.
The slut who was building mine is a full of shit prick so no time wasters


What's up with you "subs" lately....7/23/2011 10:19:03 AM

7/23/2011 10:19:03 AM

(relates to CM site)

What's up with you "subs" lately....

One thing that really pisses me off is subs who top from the bottom. I'm telling you now I'm not fucking interested. If you find yourself messaging me saying your into everything I'm into, then say however I am into being force fed pickles first and formost you can fuck off..... I don't want to hear non of this will you compromise bullshit!! No where does it say on my profile that I'm a switch...!!
It's my way or GTFO. Don't try and throw "suggestive" messages...
" I bet you can't piss in my mouth" fuck off you prick, ild piss all over you while watching eastenders, no skin off my nose, but don't try and goad me into doing things. You will just irate me.
And another thing whilst were on the subject... Why don't people make an effort any more to send me a personal measage, I just get the same old copy and pasted message that 1000 others have got (FYI people who do that flag up red in my inbox saying you have hit bulk message sending triggers) I'm sure I've mentioned it before but incase you didn't know I'm a self centred bitch, your message must be personal and about me or fuck off.
Anyway, on iPhone, predictive messages pisses me off too.. Crap spellin U know why..

Off to get ready to take out my frustrations on the "lucky" slaves who have booked session with me and mistress Saskia today  

Mistress Saskia and Black Empress Double session 5/30/2011 1:43:34 PM

5/30/2011 1:43:34 PM


what an amazing weekend, had an overnight session on Friday with mistress saskia!! brave slave!! but had some mega fun breaking his will in many different ways.. he ended the night tied to the radiator in the bathroom and been woken up through the night to be our toilet!!

Satnight i did a solo overnight session with a long term slave, started the day being spoilt round the shops, then went out for a meal, then back to mine for some really dirty sweaty bottomed facesitting. Let out several big smelly farts which i was proud of. made him gag was wasnt expecting them. haha. o how i love being a dirty bitch sometimes!!!

Sunday, Went into brimgham city centre with a few of my mates to tear it up!! Gay Pride, an event i havent missed for the past 13 years. every years seems to get better and better. Had plenty of fun dancing out in the streets, drinking myself into a pleasant stupor,  Made plenty of new friends as i always do ended talking random bollocks to everyone. Pinched several bums, squeezed alot of big boobies, At one point i remember being in The Village Gay Bar Beer Garden having a nipple off with some random sexy ladies i stopped and started talkin to.  We all got our boobs out and compared nipple sizes by touch!! haha

some weekend. time to recover before work tomorrow :-(


How good it is to be me...5/30/2011 2:12:06 PM

5/30/2011 2:12:06 PM

It's abit mental how many people are into the same things as me, I remember several years ago an ex looking at me like I was sum crazy bitch when my idea of dirty talking in the bedroom wasn't the same as his lol.

Another awesome pic of me...6/1/2011 6:51:50 PM

6/1/2011 6:51:50 PM

First picture i thought i would add is a picture from a switch i have known for a while through here. Talented guy..... He got his insperation for this image from the dream i had a couple of blogs down.

I personally would have a clue how to start with graphic type things!!

Thanks SubmissiveAlex10...!!!



Looking for subs to attend munches with moi!!....6/4/2011 9:18:22 AM

6/4/2011 9:18:22 AM

Are there any local males or females Dom or sub mid 20's who would like to get out on the scene more....??

Looking for like minded people, around SAME AGE as me, to go to munches, arrange small munches, go to BBB with or out for drinks etc.

This is purely to strike up friend ship with local bdsm heads and get myself out on the scene more....

Who run the world?....................6/4/2011 5:23:55 AM

6/4/2011 5:23:55 AM

Who run the world?


Sub draws some awesome pics of me... 7/13/2011 9:39:27 PM

7/13/2011 9:39:27 PM

its me.... am really enjoying these pictures being drawn for me :-)

Furious Fucking Mood........7/13/2011 5:30:14 PM

7/13/2011 5:30:14 PM

grrrrrrr am in a majorly furious mood today...  prepare to be ripped to shreds if you insist on talking bollocks to me..

Pretty Decent Adele cover by linking park....7/13/2011 5:11:35 PM

7/13/2011 5:11:35 PM


Seeking Global Gathering Sub 7/11/2011 7:17:52 PM

Looking for a subby to attend Global Gathering with me,  (and a few others)

Must fit the below criteria.

  • Must not have to Google Global Gathering to find out what it is.....
  • Must have own tent/sleeping things etc
  • Must be able to purchase own ticket & travel
  • Must be vanilla acting 

Duties will include

  • Carrying heavy bags
  • Putting tents up/taking tents down
  • standing in unnecessarily long queues 
  • foot massages, for me and maybe my female friends as-well.
  • shoe/boot cleaning
  • and what the fuck else i decide to make you do....

if all goes well, may be taken on a person sub..

Note that it says subby not slave.... if you are of the mindless type... don't bother applying....

P.S - people who i know are just wasting my time when applying (ie you live in timbuktu) will just be ignored.. simple..

Sissy slaveboy gets trapped & blackmailed Pt 2 7/11/2011 6:25:50 AM

7/11/2011 6:25:50 AM

Sissy slaveboy gets trapped & blackmailed Pt 2

When Empress had finished taking pics and videos and collecting enough evidence to ruin an army, let alone one guy she sat at her laptop and downloaded all the images onto her hotmail account and sent a copy to Mistress Saskia who was sat with her.
"There sissy, now they are safe in our hands and there is NO WAY you can get to them or more importantly, get rid of them. You are one fucked little whore boi"
Her words echoed in my head... she was right... i was screwed over...
Empress rose to her elegant feet and left the room only to return a few minutes later.
She had in her hand a pink CB2000 chastity device and a padlock in a packet.
"You are about to go into permanent chastity my sissy whore and don't ever think this is some kind of game or that you will be getting out next week. This is the real deal and i intend to ensure you remain subservient to me for ever".
I was pushed onto my back and Empress sat squarely on my face and ordered me to lick her asshole. I tongued deeply into her ass and hoped if i did a really god job i may somehow be spared anymore shame and humiliation for the day.
The Mistresses giggled as i felt the ring of the CB slip over my balls and the cage being slid onto my semi hard cock. Finally i heard the click of the padlock and it was done... i was now in chastity and there was to be no way back.
"just to make sure that there are no removal issues with your temporary cock prison i have a little something to help"
With that Empress produce a tube of superglue and proceeded to squirt it into the keyhole of the padlock....
"There, that will suffice until stage two of your chaste lifestyle to be".
I was unsure what she meant by this but right now i was too petrified to start asking questions or to challenge the Dommes in any way whatsoever!
So there i was... still in my stockings, basque, heels and a tight CB2000 super glued on for good. I have smudged red lipstick and was covered in piss and looked a complete state..
Empress left the room again and then came back..
"Kneel you fucking worm" she boomed...
I quickly got to my knees and she stood before me...
She said " Today was the start of a very special journey for you sissy for from which there is no way back. You know the evidence i have gathered and if for any reason you are unsure i suggest you race home and check your inbox... i took the liberty of CC'ing you into the mail i sent to Mistress Sakia. You will comply with my EVERY wish, command and whim from this moment forward and if you don't.. well... i'll let you imagine the consequences of that as you lie in bed this evening".
She threw my car keys to the floor in front of me and said "Now get the fuck out of my sight, i'll be in touch with your orders".
I took my keys and went to stand... BIG mistake...
Empress kicked me right in  the balls and shouted "Crawl you fucking sissy.. crawl to the door and get the fuck out"
I crawled to the front door and waited for Empress to throw my clothes to me..
"What the fuck are you waiting for slut?" she said...
I awkwardly murmured "my clothes Empress"..
The Mistresses laughed at my pathetic tone and giggled amongst themselves...
When Empress had composed herself she turned to Mistress Saskia and said "What do you think Mistress? Shall we give the sissy her clothes back, after all it is two flights of stairs and at least 200 yards past all the other flats to her car?
I looked at Mistress Saskia with real sorry eyes, praying she would take pity on my predicament... i waited...
Mistress Saskia said, "Yes Empress. We will give the slut her clothes back on one condition.. The slut kneels outside the door for 5 minutes  as she is and then she will get her bag of clothes back as promised."
I was so happy she had decided i could have them as i was at least 8 miles from home and had nothing else with me or in the car other than the sissy undies in which i knelt. On the other hand i was panicking at the fact they were going to make me wait on the communal landing outside dressed in this attire, i had no option, i thanked the Mistresses and crawled out the door and knelt in the open air facing the door. It was slammed in my face and i heard laughing from behind it.
Five minutes felt like an hour as i knelt there dressed like some slutty tranny whore and i prayed no one would walk past or come out of their door as i had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Luckily not a sole passed in the five minutes and my heart jumped as the door swung open and a carrier bag landed at my knees. Not a word was said and the door was again slammed shut and i knew they were finished with me for the day.
I quickly open the bag and pulled out my clothes from within....
I was horrified..... my heart sank and i felt sick to the pit of my stomach...
My clothes were indeed all in the bag but every single item had been cut into tiny shreds by the Mistresses. This is how they had amused themselves for the past 5 minutes and i was left with nothing i could even use to cover myself or hide my sissy undies.
I picked myself off the floor, checked quickly over the balcony and ran for my car.
I stumbled down the steps in my heels and ran across the grassed area infront of the ground floor flat windows, i felt the world was watching me as it was still broad daylight and i was dressed in women's underwear.
I dashed for my car, jumped in and raced home...
I got stuck at every set of lights and felt so shamed sat there in undies as all the other drivers looked at me and pointed and laughed.
I eventually got home and made a quick run for the door praying to god the neighbours weren't looking out the window.
The sense of relief was huge when i got inside and then the penny dropped...
This was nothing... this was just the tip of the iceberg... if i thought this was bad i was a fuckin idiot...
I quickly open up the laptop and logged onto my email...
HOLY FUCK i said to myself....
There were hundreds of pictures, more videos than i could watch and enough material to ruin me in the click of a mouse.
I changed out of my undies, put a pair of shorts on ove my cock cage and washed myself clean.
That night was to be the most restless and mentally torturing of my life...
I finally drifted off and began to dream.....
I awoke suddenly about 3am and realised i had been having a kinky dream about Empress and being trapped by her and Sakia into a life of servitude...
I rolled over and felt the chastity belt dig into my balls.. it was no dream. I lifted the duvet and slowly looked at where my cock used to be. The CB was firmly affixed and the glue was blocking the keyhole...
The whole evening rushed back into my head and the nightmare started over.....

To be continued.

Euromillions mega roll over...7/9/2011 1:16:30 PM

7/9/2011 1:16:30 PM

Sooo............ I didnt win the euro millions... bollox!!! i guess im going to have to put my plans for a domination house on hold....

Any cowardly, gutless, soft spineless, timid, weak willed, irresolute Pathetic slaves should leave there house to me in there will!!

..... yer i said it!

Story written for me by a sub - part one 7/5/2011 7:14:32 PM

7/5/2011 7:14:32 PM

Story written for me by a sub i have know for years and met through CollarMe  --

Staring "Black Empress & Mistress Saskia"

Sissy slaveboy gets trapped & blackmailed Pt 1

I had been a submissive with ever more disgusting fantasises for several years now and had acted out a fair few of them over that time.
I was a manly, muscular lad who everyone looked up to and would think was the textbook "normal man".
I held a professional job, steady girlfriend and a good standard of living, to the outside world, the perfect existence.
Behind closed doors i had harboured a strong, submissive streak which i could simply never satisfy and a desire to be controlled and humiliated that just grew day by day.
I love to serve Dominant women and adore total degradation, shame and denial.
One of my favourite things to do as a sub was to lick out Dominant women with no pleasure in return and often locked away in my pink CB2000 chastity device and dressed in stockings or some humiliating girly underwear.
I had met a beautiful black Domme in her early 20's who was only a few miles away from me and adored queening and face sitting pretty white boys.
I had attended her flat on numerous occasions, often wearing sissy underwear which she had insisted on and often in my chastity device to ensure i had no pleasure.
She was a BBW Domme and loved to have me on my knees lapping her sweaty pussy and tounging her big, beautiful ass till she came in my face over and over. Often then i would be sent home or sometime fucked up the arse with her dildo or made to drink her piss before i left, denied.
On one occasion she had made me wank into a bowl and had then proceeded to spit in the cum, piss into it and have me drink the contents in front of her and lick the bowl clean... she was truly a cruel but adorable Mistress.
Being in my late 30's i really enjoy serving a younger Domme and adore the added humiliation that it brings to the situation.
Anyway, i digress.... back to the story.....

The Empress made contact with me on a mundane Tuesday evening and i was excited to see her initiate the messenger contact and inform me i was required on Friday evening to attend to her needs as her slut.
I was told to bring my chastity belt, a new lock, sealed in the packet with keys and a bag containing full sissy underwear, stockings, suspenders, basque and panties. Needless to say i was super excited and jumped at the chance to serve her.
She informed me thati would be required for quite a while and it would be in my interests to tell my girlfriend i may not be home that evening but staying over at a friends.
I set things up with the other half and the scene was set! I had a free pass for the night and a Mistress to worship! Result!
I squirreled my sissy undies and CB into my car ahead of the big night and hid them under the spare wheel in the boot.

Friday rolled around and i went and showered and prepared to visit Empress for some serious pussy and ass worship.
I kissed the girlfriend goodbye and agreed to be back early in the morning.
I hurried to the car and texted Empress enroute to tell her i would be there in about 15 minutes. She replied and said just bring your stuff and tap the door twice on arrival.
I arrived outside and my heart was pounding in anticipation as i knew Empress could spring the odd surprise on me and i never quite knew exactly what she had in mind!
I gathered my bag and walked to the door where i knocked twice as per her orders.
The Empress opened the door and simply turned away and walked off indicating i should follow.
I was led to the centre of the lounge where she simply said "strip".
She sat on the sofa and watched as i took off all my clothes until i stood naked before her.
She then rose, took the bag i had brought with me and disappeared into her bedroom.
She came back a few moments later and told me to go to the room and put on everything she had laid out for me, kneel and wait.
I said "yes Empress" and scurried off to the bedroom.
When i was in the room i could see there was a lot of stuff laid out for me which included the following...
Basque, stockings, suspenders and panties, the CB 2000, a full maids outfit, some 6" high heels, a hood with no eye holes and some bright red lipstick.
I dressed quickly understanding what was required of me into my sissy outfit and applied my lippy before kneeling on the bedroom floor to await Empresses next move.
She left me there for what seemed like an eternity as i knelt hooded and blind to the world around me..
I sensed the door open before i heard it and was lifted roughly to my feet and led blind out of the room bumping into the door frame as i was ushered through..
Empress led me down the hallway of her flat and stood me against the wall behind the front door. I couldn't see but i could sense the light filtering through the glass panel into my hood and knew where i was.
Again i was left there and cuffed to the rear for good measure as well as having my ankles tied firmly together to ensure i stayed put.
SO there i was.... fully feminised as a slut maid, hooded and bound behind the front door of my young Domme, i was just glad the glass was frosted and no passers by would be able to see me in this state.
I heard Empress chatting on her mobile but couldn't make out what was being said, she was giggling and clearly enjoying the tone of her conversation.
45 minutes later i was still stood at the door in my sissy attire when the door knocked... My heart jumped and missed at least 3 beats in pure terror.. Who the FUCK was it? and more importantly i couldn't be seen or caught like this, i'd be a laughing stock!
To my horror i heard Empress pass me and open the door in front of me...
I was immediately aware of two ladies now giggling at me and the door closing.
"Sissy, this is my friend, Saskia, say hello Mistress Sakia you slut"
I couldn't see a thing but uttered the words as commanded.
The girls passed me and i heard the door close to the lounge..
I knew at this very moment i had fucked up and was out of my depth... this smelt of trouble...
About 20 mins passed before Empress came and untied my ankles. She led me to the lounge and told me to stand in the centre of the room.
I felt her begin to write on my chest in what felt like a felt tip and giggling to her friend who i could sense watching from the sofa...
She wrote quite a lot on my body and i presumed i was being humiliated with embarrassing logos and signs..
When she had finished there was a short pause and i was left alone.
Suddenly, without warning my hood was torn off my head and i was faced with the flash of a camera held by Mistress Saskia who was now taking photos of me stood femmed in the middle of the room. I panicked slightly and tried to turn my face away from the lens, only to have Empress grab my head from behind and point it back at the still clicking camera.
"gotcha" said Saskia and Empress giggled...
"take a look" she said as she opened up the image on the camera and shoved it under my nose...
FUCK.... it took a few seconds to register but written over my chest was my full name, home address and home phone number! Below it was my girlfriends mobile number and the word, "blackmailed"....
Saskia was sat flicking through my wallet and tutting... "careless sissy, very careless, fancy leaving your driving licence and your mobile in your jeans... fucking silly sissy whore to be"....
The gravity of the situation was beginning to dawn on me now and i felt sick in fear of my current position..
Empress spoke.... "Let me explain what is going on here slut as i can imagine you are curious... you have been fucked over, by me and my able assistant Mistress Saskia... We have all your personal details from the documents and cards left in your wallet and we have every mobile number from your phone downloaded onto the PC should we require them in the future. In essence we have all the evidence we need to ruin your life in ways you can only ever wake up screaming about... get it whore?"
I nodded and murmured a "yes Empress"
"From now on you are an owned sissy slut with no choices, no options and no way of escape. You will comply with every command from this moment onwards or i will mail your pictures via text to every single contact on your phone, slut"
My knees began to weaken realising that this was the real deal.. i had indeed been fucked over and my fantasy of being blackmailed by an evil black Domme was about to become a daunting reality...
"I want you to know sissy that when you lift your prissy little skirt for your first client to fuck you up the ass, it's because you have NO choice and because you are MY property"
There was now no doubt of what they intended for my future plans... i was to be whored out to any paying client who wanted to abuse a sissy slut for their financial benefit and my shame...
This was it.... i was 100% well and truly fucked....
"For the next 12hrs slut we are going to abuse you, degrade you, shame you and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it" Empess said. She was right, on all counts.
The following 12hrs were to be the worst hours of my life as a sub i could ever have imagined...
I was beaten, caned, slapped, spat on, tortured, pissed on, verbally abused and all of it photgraphed in every last detail, right down the the videos of me drinking the piss of both Dommes with a full frontal shot of my face for good measure.
They were right, there was nothing i could do... if i said no they would simply MMS the pics of me to all my contacts and i'd be ruined for good so i had to let them do as they pleased... Knowingly becoming more and more trapped with every picture and video... this was final.. i was an owned whore.

To be continued...

Song that made me smile....7/3/2011 7:11:43 PM

7/3/2011 7:11:43 PM

This Song Reminds Me of.... Me.... I am a Bitch!!


Black Empress's trip to a fetish cottage - pic's included

7/3/2011 3:38:28 PM

Wow... what a week it has been..

Spent a couple of days with my subbie,

went shopping and brought loads of toys to play with.

Then went to a nice little local "equipt"cottage called, boudoir 69.

Took a lot more pictures, but will add them to my Aw profile...


First Blog

I've had this Blog for a while now and haven't really gotten round to posting on it (always been posting on my collar-me page.... So have decided to copy and paste posts over here for you unlucky lot who don't follow me on there.