Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Black Empress is looking for a personal seat/slave....

Black Empress is looking for a personal seat/slave........

Must fit the below...

*Must be as comfortable if not comfort-abler than a sofa 

*Must be able to take my full weight on them
* Must be handy with DIY
*Must be able to act as a vacuum should I need to expel air from my wonderful arse
* Must be able to act as a full toilet (without the gaggin & puking)
*Must be able to handle a severe beating (even more so around that time of the month)
*Must drive and be able to serve at the drop of a very cool New Era hat
*Must have a good tongue should it be needed
*Must not come with emotional baggage
*Must not have any kids wife or girlfriend
*Must have own teeth, hair personality*Must be considered a 10/10 in the looks department
*Must own a nice house with a kitted out dungeon(this must be later put into my name)
*Must earn in excess of £500,000 per annum
*Must have said income paid directly into my bank account
*Must own there own private Jet
*Must also have there own small island which includes a butler
* Must be able to breath through there belly button
*Must know what i want done before i even know myself

Carlsberg don't do personal slaves but if they did......

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  1. Wow, that was one of the most entertaining blog posts I've ever read. At first I really thought it was serious, then I read a few more conditions and thought you were joking and I had a good laugh, then I read reached the end and realized you aren't joking; and I also realized that you deserve to have such a slave. Only the best for the best, right?

    Well when I make my first billion I'll make sure to contact you, although I may not fit a few of those conditions, being that in the looks department I like to think I'm a high 3 to a solid 4.

    In closing. Thank you for the wonderful blog post, it really lightened up my day. I'm very happy I found this place. Can't wait to read more.