Thursday, 8 September 2011

Black Empress's dream....

I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face ever, I had the most amazing dream ever. I dreamt that I was sitting up high on a solid gold throne, wearing black knee high boots, and black short skirt, black bra, and a fur collared cape. In my hand I had about 30 keys all on one keyring. My slave was on his knees naked (bar his chastity device) kissing and worshiping my boots. Behind slave was a long line of more sluts itching to serve me, all of there cocks locked away with me as the key owner, all holding something in there hands. I kicked my slave out of the way and shouted for the next slave to come up, He ran shakily up to me both petrified and happy at the thought of his chance to serve me, and dropped a handfull of gold coins at my feet. He told me what a good little slut he had been for me, and that he had been very busy sucking cock for me/ cleaning/ taking cock and being an all round whore to get me the gold coins. I told him what a good little bitch he had been and his shaking stopped, (dread to think what I wld have done in the dream if he came bearing nothing) Then I kicked him away and called up the next bitch, and the same thing happened. Except this bitch had a different accent. Seems as though in my dream I have sluts all over the place, was pimping them out and taking 100% of the money earned. I must admit as well as waking up with a big dirty smile I woke up with very moist knickers. I absolutely buzzed off the power I had. One day........ ;)

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