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Story written for me by a sub - part one 7/5/2011 7:14:32 PM

7/5/2011 7:14:32 PM

Story written for me by a sub i have know for years and met through CollarMe  --

Staring "Black Empress & Mistress Saskia"

Sissy slaveboy gets trapped & blackmailed Pt 1

I had been a submissive with ever more disgusting fantasises for several years now and had acted out a fair few of them over that time.
I was a manly, muscular lad who everyone looked up to and would think was the textbook "normal man".
I held a professional job, steady girlfriend and a good standard of living, to the outside world, the perfect existence.
Behind closed doors i had harboured a strong, submissive streak which i could simply never satisfy and a desire to be controlled and humiliated that just grew day by day.
I love to serve Dominant women and adore total degradation, shame and denial.
One of my favourite things to do as a sub was to lick out Dominant women with no pleasure in return and often locked away in my pink CB2000 chastity device and dressed in stockings or some humiliating girly underwear.
I had met a beautiful black Domme in her early 20's who was only a few miles away from me and adored queening and face sitting pretty white boys.
I had attended her flat on numerous occasions, often wearing sissy underwear which she had insisted on and often in my chastity device to ensure i had no pleasure.
She was a BBW Domme and loved to have me on my knees lapping her sweaty pussy and tounging her big, beautiful ass till she came in my face over and over. Often then i would be sent home or sometime fucked up the arse with her dildo or made to drink her piss before i left, denied.
On one occasion she had made me wank into a bowl and had then proceeded to spit in the cum, piss into it and have me drink the contents in front of her and lick the bowl clean... she was truly a cruel but adorable Mistress.
Being in my late 30's i really enjoy serving a younger Domme and adore the added humiliation that it brings to the situation.
Anyway, i digress.... back to the story.....

The Empress made contact with me on a mundane Tuesday evening and i was excited to see her initiate the messenger contact and inform me i was required on Friday evening to attend to her needs as her slut.
I was told to bring my chastity belt, a new lock, sealed in the packet with keys and a bag containing full sissy underwear, stockings, suspenders, basque and panties. Needless to say i was super excited and jumped at the chance to serve her.
She informed me thati would be required for quite a while and it would be in my interests to tell my girlfriend i may not be home that evening but staying over at a friends.
I set things up with the other half and the scene was set! I had a free pass for the night and a Mistress to worship! Result!
I squirreled my sissy undies and CB into my car ahead of the big night and hid them under the spare wheel in the boot.

Friday rolled around and i went and showered and prepared to visit Empress for some serious pussy and ass worship.
I kissed the girlfriend goodbye and agreed to be back early in the morning.
I hurried to the car and texted Empress enroute to tell her i would be there in about 15 minutes. She replied and said just bring your stuff and tap the door twice on arrival.
I arrived outside and my heart was pounding in anticipation as i knew Empress could spring the odd surprise on me and i never quite knew exactly what she had in mind!
I gathered my bag and walked to the door where i knocked twice as per her orders.
The Empress opened the door and simply turned away and walked off indicating i should follow.
I was led to the centre of the lounge where she simply said "strip".
She sat on the sofa and watched as i took off all my clothes until i stood naked before her.
She then rose, took the bag i had brought with me and disappeared into her bedroom.
She came back a few moments later and told me to go to the room and put on everything she had laid out for me, kneel and wait.
I said "yes Empress" and scurried off to the bedroom.
When i was in the room i could see there was a lot of stuff laid out for me which included the following...
Basque, stockings, suspenders and panties, the CB 2000, a full maids outfit, some 6" high heels, a hood with no eye holes and some bright red lipstick.
I dressed quickly understanding what was required of me into my sissy outfit and applied my lippy before kneeling on the bedroom floor to await Empresses next move.
She left me there for what seemed like an eternity as i knelt hooded and blind to the world around me..
I sensed the door open before i heard it and was lifted roughly to my feet and led blind out of the room bumping into the door frame as i was ushered through..
Empress led me down the hallway of her flat and stood me against the wall behind the front door. I couldn't see but i could sense the light filtering through the glass panel into my hood and knew where i was.
Again i was left there and cuffed to the rear for good measure as well as having my ankles tied firmly together to ensure i stayed put.
SO there i was.... fully feminised as a slut maid, hooded and bound behind the front door of my young Domme, i was just glad the glass was frosted and no passers by would be able to see me in this state.
I heard Empress chatting on her mobile but couldn't make out what was being said, she was giggling and clearly enjoying the tone of her conversation.
45 minutes later i was still stood at the door in my sissy attire when the door knocked... My heart jumped and missed at least 3 beats in pure terror.. Who the FUCK was it? and more importantly i couldn't be seen or caught like this, i'd be a laughing stock!
To my horror i heard Empress pass me and open the door in front of me...
I was immediately aware of two ladies now giggling at me and the door closing.
"Sissy, this is my friend, Saskia, say hello Mistress Sakia you slut"
I couldn't see a thing but uttered the words as commanded.
The girls passed me and i heard the door close to the lounge..
I knew at this very moment i had fucked up and was out of my depth... this smelt of trouble...
About 20 mins passed before Empress came and untied my ankles. She led me to the lounge and told me to stand in the centre of the room.
I felt her begin to write on my chest in what felt like a felt tip and giggling to her friend who i could sense watching from the sofa...
She wrote quite a lot on my body and i presumed i was being humiliated with embarrassing logos and signs..
When she had finished there was a short pause and i was left alone.
Suddenly, without warning my hood was torn off my head and i was faced with the flash of a camera held by Mistress Saskia who was now taking photos of me stood femmed in the middle of the room. I panicked slightly and tried to turn my face away from the lens, only to have Empress grab my head from behind and point it back at the still clicking camera.
"gotcha" said Saskia and Empress giggled...
"take a look" she said as she opened up the image on the camera and shoved it under my nose...
FUCK.... it took a few seconds to register but written over my chest was my full name, home address and home phone number! Below it was my girlfriends mobile number and the word, "blackmailed"....
Saskia was sat flicking through my wallet and tutting... "careless sissy, very careless, fancy leaving your driving licence and your mobile in your jeans... fucking silly sissy whore to be"....
The gravity of the situation was beginning to dawn on me now and i felt sick in fear of my current position..
Empress spoke.... "Let me explain what is going on here slut as i can imagine you are curious... you have been fucked over, by me and my able assistant Mistress Saskia... We have all your personal details from the documents and cards left in your wallet and we have every mobile number from your phone downloaded onto the PC should we require them in the future. In essence we have all the evidence we need to ruin your life in ways you can only ever wake up screaming about... get it whore?"
I nodded and murmured a "yes Empress"
"From now on you are an owned sissy slut with no choices, no options and no way of escape. You will comply with every command from this moment onwards or i will mail your pictures via text to every single contact on your phone, slut"
My knees began to weaken realising that this was the real deal.. i had indeed been fucked over and my fantasy of being blackmailed by an evil black Domme was about to become a daunting reality...
"I want you to know sissy that when you lift your prissy little skirt for your first client to fuck you up the ass, it's because you have NO choice and because you are MY property"
There was now no doubt of what they intended for my future plans... i was to be whored out to any paying client who wanted to abuse a sissy slut for their financial benefit and my shame...
This was it.... i was 100% well and truly fucked....
"For the next 12hrs slut we are going to abuse you, degrade you, shame you and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it" Empess said. She was right, on all counts.
The following 12hrs were to be the worst hours of my life as a sub i could ever have imagined...
I was beaten, caned, slapped, spat on, tortured, pissed on, verbally abused and all of it photgraphed in every last detail, right down the the videos of me drinking the piss of both Dommes with a full frontal shot of my face for good measure.
They were right, there was nothing i could do... if i said no they would simply MMS the pics of me to all my contacts and i'd be ruined for good so i had to let them do as they pleased... Knowingly becoming more and more trapped with every picture and video... this was final.. i was an owned whore.

To be continued...

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