Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mistress Saskia and Black Empress Double session 5/30/2011 1:43:34 PM

5/30/2011 1:43:34 PM


what an amazing weekend, had an overnight session on Friday with mistress saskia!! brave slave!! but had some mega fun breaking his will in many different ways.. he ended the night tied to the radiator in the bathroom and been woken up through the night to be our toilet!!

Satnight i did a solo overnight session with a long term slave, started the day being spoilt round the shops, then went out for a meal, then back to mine for some really dirty sweaty bottomed facesitting. Let out several big smelly farts which i was proud of. made him gag was wasnt expecting them. haha. o how i love being a dirty bitch sometimes!!!

Sunday, Went into brimgham city centre with a few of my mates to tear it up!! Gay Pride, an event i havent missed for the past 13 years. every years seems to get better and better. Had plenty of fun dancing out in the streets, drinking myself into a pleasant stupor,  Made plenty of new friends as i always do ended talking random bollocks to everyone. Pinched several bums, squeezed alot of big boobies, At one point i remember being in The Village Gay Bar Beer Garden having a nipple off with some random sexy ladies i stopped and started talkin to.  We all got our boobs out and compared nipple sizes by touch!! haha

some weekend. time to recover before work tomorrow :-(


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