Sunday, 30 July 2017

Finally able to log into my blogger account properly! feels like I've been silent for ages.

People who have emailed, apologies if not received a response, I'm normally pretty good at responding however having logged into my email account on a desktop I can see that all my emails haven't synced through to my mobile and I have 100+ Non spam unread. I can't be fucking arsed to go through them all anytime soon so if you have sent me a message recently, forward it again, or send a new one. 

I have been in the middle of creating a new story but life seems to always get in the way, hopefully will have something decent soon enough.

Anyway back to the point (or very plump circle)... My Black Ass.

I often wonder why women don't act on their urges as much as men seem to, maybe I'm out the women loop and more in the "me" loop. I have been so busy lately with family, work and illness I haven't had a chance to have any empress fun times, and here I am sat up at 4am trawling the Internet looking at Femdom things as well as my own personal clips I haven't published.

Im like a wound up rubber band that's about ready to snap,


Who wants a session??? Will be doing doubles with Mistress Saskia, Outcall in the local area, if we need to travel outside of bham will need more notice and travel must be covered.

If we have met before will do solo outcall sessions.

Reasonable session cost for those who want extended sessions, (anything over 3 hours)

We will also be doing a doubles "weekend" on the August bank holiday weekend. This will be at a bham city centre hotel, and we both can be booked together or solo. Message me if you want more info, include a date & length of session.

Anyone not local but still wants to touch base and tell empress how wonderful she is and mention how much you want to worship me from afar... or even just mention that you fantasise about what my farts smell like (roses of course) then drop me an email.

For those who stumbled across this blog and are curious... I don't offer any sexual services during my sessions. No blow jobs, No foot Jobs, No Hand Jobs etc etc you get the point. I like to enjoy myself during my sessions. If it's something that doesn't do it for me it won't be done, therefore you need to be clear in your messages to me. 

And it's an hour and a half later.. and I'm finally done with this update (20 mins updating.. the rest of the time spent furiously masterbating and looking at filth on the interweb).


  1. Hi b.e its gary boots from notts can i email u plz whats ur email. Love to meet up

    1. I'm sure you can find my email address somewhere on this page Gary ...

    2. I will email u soon. Cud arrange to come up and see u soon 25 th 26th 27th august

    3. Do u rember me

  2. Wishful email fantasies duly sent, and back to gazing in wonderment at your page. Welcome back to blogland and your yearning fanbase- Rich x