Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sub Wanted!!

Any of you bitches going Global Gathering this year??? 

I'm on the hunt again!!  

This year I'm looking for a discreet fun youngish sub to come along with me and a few friends.

Expect to be used for carrying and pitching my tent, massaging my feet, standing in ridiculously long queues for me. There will be other private duties, which will be explained to the successful person nearer the time.

You must have your own tent, teeth & ticket... and money of course..  You wont be expected to pay me for attending with me, however you will be worked!!

!!There will be no public humiliation!! This roll is best for and obedient novice who likes the sort of music at Global Gathering and is looking to be trained.

if your interested email me at .... The subject of your email must be "I want to be your Global Gathering Bitch" or it will be ignored. Also.. One liners will be ignored... Tell me abit about yourself and why you think you will be perfect for this spot.

if all goes well this may lead to you being trained up and taken on as my personal bitch.


  1. hope you will find a very good sub, Mistress!

  2. You should go to Beat-Herder this year, you'll have a far better time.