Thursday, 12 July 2012

Quick update on recent events

I've had a great two weeks of sessions, I've enjoyed de-stressing and having plenty of adventures.

Found myself down london for the weekend (again), I won't be doing any London sessions whilst the Olympics are ongoing as I imagine travel will be a fuckin ball ache!!! Black Empress can be very impatient!!!

Might be tempted to session just outside of London... We will see.

I met up with Mistress Saskia for some double sessions, we also took some new clips and pictures so watch this space for more info.....!!!

Had a great time at exodus in Birmingham, on the 7th July, was my first time at this fetish event and I ha a great time and will deff be attending again. Seen alot of faces from BBB, and alot of new faces.

I also think I may have found my perfect Slave, I had a lot of fun spending 5 days putting him to the test. Shame his not local... means my search is still on.

Any slaves wishing to apply for the position of Black Empress's Bitch send me an email. You will have alot to live up to though!!

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