Tuesday, 28 February 2012

London Tour Was Amazing ! ! !

I had a great time in London with Mistress Saskia and Mistress Diva!!! Had plenty of interesting sessions to keep us busy throughout most of the weekend. Was great seeing lots of new faces as well the old. Will have to arrange another visit down there before the end of the year.

Also went to Camden Crunch with Mistress Saskia, Mistress Diva and a local sub. That place is Mad. Loved it, I havent been to anything like it up in Birmingham. Would suggest anyone planning a visit down to that side of London during the time the Crunch is held make an effort and pop along.


Managed to make a flying visit around the famous "Camden Markets" - for those who haven't met me yet.. I am slightly alternate, and very much into tattoo's, piercings, body modification, weird trinkets,jewellery and any random crap really.. So Camden Market was great!!

I spotted one of these books on my travels, but didnt have time to stop and buy it!! thought I would be able to find it online somewhere...!! but I cant.... Can anyone find the Online store (if there is one for me) or anyone local to Camden want to go down the market and pick one up for me and Mistress Saskia and come post/bring it up to me.??? drop me an email (black_empress@hotmail.co.uk)

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