Wednesday, 5 September 2012

For Fucks Sake!!

For fucks sake....!!! I'm the fucking bitch from hell today. This is a totally off subject work rant that I have to get off my chest so fuck it, my blog, I'll write what I want. Don't wanna read it skip it.
Why the fuck do old people think there wiser and always right???
Some old guy at work today was trying to spout policy's and procedures to me about something he was working on. Let's nickname him fucktard to keep him anonymous.
1) I don't give a fuck about wot your doing fucktard, stop distracting me from fucking about on my phone
2) Don't ask me if I didn't know that policy already, cus what your spouting is fucking bollocks.
3) Yes I am fucking rude for telling you what just said is a load of balls and I think you made it all up. Kudos for pointing that one out...However please note, I did smile after I said it and what I really wanted to say is.. " How about I rip your head off fucktard, do a big squirty shit down your neck, place your head back on your fat neck, then wen u start speaking again you will be spitting actual diarrhoea, instead of just verbal diarrhoea.
Bluurrgghhh you fuckin tit!!!
Another thing which has pissed me off is the amount of dumb fuckery emails I get. I'm a Domme.. You would have to have known what I'm about in order to get my email address so why the actual fuck would you email me asking for a blow job...or why would you ask for me to get naked in a bath with you....!!
 Even worse, why would you think I would take a normal session with you after you've full on taken the piss and offended me by asking for sexual favours... 
You... Ya pathetic eeeeeeediyat!! Have been ignored and blocked!!!
 If you wanna enter into a dialogue with me without wanting to book a session , send a joke, send a pic, write me a story.. Don't fuck about with sillyness like the pricks above.
 Next person who does.. Is gonna get shanked.. Hahaha just kidding :) 
 PMT!! Arrrgghhh

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  1. One day I will be able to get around to booking a couple of hours corporal punishment/facesitting with you, B.E.
    Wow I hope you are that furious with me when you get to spank, paddle and smother me - it will be a session never to be forgotten....

    Luv - slave - x