Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm baaaack ;)

Finally back from my holidays and I am still jet lagged to fuck!  Was all worth it as I had an amazing time.  Our group ended up having our own butler as we had an upgraded package and I of course took full advantage of being waited in hand and foot. I literally had him dusting my sand off my feet on the beach :) by the end of the holiday he was asking for my hand in marriage. He obviously had a thing for this bossy bitch.

After a day of traveling back to sunny Birmingham on a coach then plane, then another coach then a taxi I finally made it home to a ton of gifts from one of my fans.  Certainly cheered me up :-D

Anyway......Thought ld share a pic of my big ass in the sea.... Of course I've edited it a lot but meh..  That's what I do.

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