Tuesday, 1 January 2013

In the Windmill of my mind

Over the Xmas and New Year period I stopped doing sessions as I was pretty much working everyday in my day job.

Now I have some massive itch that needs scratching. I've realised I can never be fully content unless I'm in control and either manipulating people to get what I want,forcing them to do what I want or using someone for the weird fucked up kick's I get from being a Bitch.

As its been so long since I've done any of the above I'm now at the point (again) where I find myself day dreaming all the time about ruining guys.

The other day my neighbour knocked my door, I happened to be in a vile mood (fuck knows why....PMT I guess) I swing open my door and before I even realise who it is I'm shouting "And what do you want"

My neighbour who is in his early 30's stood there speechless and fidgeting. I then started getting more annoyed because he was standing there saying nothing. So I told him to "speak". He then stood there stuttering and explaining that he was my next door neighbour and he was wondering if I had a package of his delivered to mine. It was abit weird because we have spoken before and said the normal hi's and bye's that next door neighbours normally do, so why was this punk telling me again his my neighbour.....?

Before i replied to him, I stood in silence and took in his body language, looking for weakness, imagining snapping this time waster in half with one bare hand.

Then it Dawned on me, his fidgeting was masking his shaking, he was stuttering n couldn't look me in the eye, now I either looked incredibly hot in my PJ's and he was shy or he was scared of me. I must have looked a tad crazy as I laughed when I realised and told him nothing had arrived and we said our byes and I went back to bed.

I've since been imaging how easy it would be to make him my bitch, to have him scrubbing my bathroom floor in his girlfriends underwear or to have him do my dishes in her heels amongst many other fucked up thoughts that involve a wooden spoon, my toilet and some spiky anal beads my secret Santa at work brought me.

O well xmas and new year are over! Thank fuck everything's back to "normal" now. Looking forward to my first session of 2013 this Saturday...

There are plans (not set in stone yet) to visit London the back end of February. Might go down for a week during half term depending on a couple of things or might just be a weekend.


  1. You bullied that poor guy, you big lump! I ought to visit you and give you a piece of my mind.

  2. And I ought to shit in your mouth and teach you your place.... On your knees at my feet

  3. Don't be disgusting! You will find I'm not the sort of person to be bullied by a fat black mama like you!

  4. Well.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gLMSf4afzo&sns=em

  5. ?

    I sent you an email (from Peter Cornell)