Sunday, 15 December 2013


A short clip of me shaking my arse...,

Pain in the arse transferring to vimeo from the iPad,

Arch well, off to the shops...

black Empress shaking her ass from Black Empress on Vimeo.
Bored and decided to shake my ass... On my teddy, pay no attention to the music in the background haha,


  1. What a magnificent big, powerful black woman. I would give anything to smell her exquisite gasses, then to serve as her toilet, before finally brown nosing and licking her mighty black bottom clean. It would be the greatest honour.

  2. I love it!!! The one I emailed you awhile back was nowhere good as that one!!! ;)

  3. True. Yours is AMAZING ;)
    Is mine going on this blog with any pictures? And if so will I have the chance to have it removed?

  4. Now I'm nervous, keep checking the blogs. Lol ��