Sunday, 16 March 2014

I've been out enjoying the sun this weekend, after the week I've had its been bliss. Plenty of shopping, drinking and relaxing, only thing that would make this weekend better is if I had some oily hands massaging me while I lay here in the sun reading my kindle...(z)

Good news, I now have a brand spanking new iPhone 5s and I can get the blogger app on here so expect a lot more updates/pictures.

Speaking of which, I promised a picture to the person who brought me these weed socks. Enjoy B!! I know you will be imaging me assuming my position above you whilst you wait to be "weed" on ;)

Looking forward to a nice cold shower once I get in, I'm sweating in all sorts of places. Minds wondered now to forcing people to sniff to find out where.....?


  1. Hi it's Gary can u add me a face book again I've got a new number now I've saved up to 250 now getting close x