Thursday, 4 December 2014

Boredom strikes..... (Ur ass hard with a cane)

Soooo... I have a little time off work thanks to my's been 2 days and im already bored as hell...

Although I'm supposed to be "taking it easy" (what ever that means) I've managed to get all my Xmas shopping done, exhausted all the interesting films on Netflix, masterbated a obseen amount of times and fantasised about all sorts of filth.. All whilst purposely forgetting to change my pants. I have invited a friend of mine over tomorrow, and he has no idea but I'm going to make him sniff them, prehaps clean them with his mouth if I'm in a particularly nasty mood. Not sure how well that's going to go down but who gives a fuck right... Either way I'm going to get what I want.

Anyway.. Boredom strikes for today so decided to don my swimming costume and admire my curves,... And I also took some photo's


As I'm off work now would be the perfect time for those who want to send me Christmas gifts to crawl kn over to my amazon wish list

I particularly want the Wii U, however if your pockets can't stretch that far for this amazing black goddess then there other things on my list which I will be happy with. 
This wish list doesn't tell me who purchases what, so if you want to be abit more personal send me an gift card to my email with a message (

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  1. Dear Black Empress
    Amazing curves and photos Thank You for posting :)