Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"Porn" is about to get very boring

Someone sent me the following link yday, although ild heard abit about it already through various forums before hand.

I think porn is going to be very fucking boring going forward.... Goddam hitlers. A lot of the things on the list is what I type into search engines when I'm looking for "porn". 


  1. This may apply to UK porn but can't we just search for foreign porn? Is Dutch or American or German porn affected?

    1. Yup, we can still look up foreign porn, just usual uk affected by this, not sure what it means for us dominatrix who may have things already uploaded on sites, if it's American sites maybe they will be ok and not have there stuff removed.. Who knows yet...

  2. The internet by its nature cannot be controlled. Maybe you will have to re-list your material on a foreign server......