Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday already... What a fucking ball ache. I had one of those mornings where you snooze the Alarm every 5 minutes for a hour. Did not want to get out of bed at all.

To make things worse I had my manager slithering round the office like the snake he is. What made my day better was watching him slowly drinking a cup of tea he had left on his desk which I happened to have spat in and flicked a bogey in :)  Lucky him I say...

On the plus side, i have realised I have a week off work in April, I was planing to head to Amsterdam however now I'm not so sure. I might have a long weekend in Amsterdam the back end of March instead.

I would love to visit Japan, China, Korea, various parts of America or Thailand, if anyone from those places wants to fund a visit for me that would be grand ;) bit to far for a week off but I can be encouraged to make a flying visit. Failing that I just might seek out the sun and head to somewhere sunny in Europe.

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