Monday, 7 April 2014


Been very busy (as always) the past couple of weeks. 
Started with a extended weekend away in Amsterdam with one of my best girly mates. Seen a lot of sights, took a lot of snaps, ate a lot of cake and seen a lot of very big penises!!!
I won a flight back to Amsterdam (long story) so I shall hopefully be back in the summer possibly doing the odd session if I'm able to give enough notice to book them in. 

This weekend just gone has been pretty busy aswell. Spent it chilling with a sub getting up to absolutely no mischief at all...(yer right) also went to see captain America and spent most the movie with my hands down my pants (haha I joke)

Now I need to catch up on my sleep, a couple of early nights after work should do it. 

I keep being reminded about the pix's that we're going to be taken for me, so will be booking that in the weekend after Easter, if anyone's got any ideas for pic's or anything in particular I've wanted to see a pic of me doing drop me an email and your ideas will be taken into consideration.

Also I haven't updated my clips4sale in ageeees, anyone local want to be in clips and doesn't mind there face or body being on cam or gargling on my piss then drop me a email. In a month or so I will prob do a day of filming, so this warning is very much in advance to give people enough time to show interest. 

Any way, I'm going to get my beauty sleep.


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