Sunday, 11 May 2014

Black Empress is not very well at all today... A self inflicted hangover, you all still have permission to feel sorry for me though,
Just munched the biggest dinner ever, Bloated now..... If I were sitting on a slave  now I wouldn't be getting up for anything... We'll maybe cheese cake ;)

I'm just setting dates with photographer for a photo shoot within the next couple of weeks,a busy social schedule meant I wasn't able to do this early but excited now it's all in motion. I've had a few emails with ideas for pic's since my last post, also have a few ideas of my own so  should be fun.

Anyway... Was just a quick update, I'm going back to watching crap and munching sweets in bed

1 comment:

  1. Photo shoot looks like fun - now, if you want a good durable rug that will help out with the expenses it would be worth a special trip from the sunny south.