Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I'm baaaack!!

Im back... Not that you knew ild been anyway anywho ;) 

Had a short trip over to Amsterdam and it's also festival season so have been kept pretty busy as always.

Anyway.. London. I'm looking to book 5th -7th September or 12-14th September, I've had a lot of emails about sessions down in London, rates will be £100ph.

People who are interested drop me an email with preferred dates etc. My plan is to see parts of London aswell so only taking a few sessions, so get in quick.

Ahhh fuck, it's 1am as I update this and I've just remembered I had a report for work due tomorrow morning... Haven't fucking started it.. Instead of starting it I'm going to dream of ways to manipulate  the boss to giving me more time. Not sure how well that's going to go considering I recently told him exactly what I thought if him.....

Anyway... I'm going to leave you with the link of me shaking my ass,


Enjoy ;)

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