Thursday, 19 June 2014

Doubles Day News

Ms S and I have a few exciting sessions already booked in for our doubles day, looking forward to absolutely shattering ( in a good way) the "session virginity" of one "lucky" sub who has booked a 2 hour stint with us. Also going to have a catch up with one of my favourite rugs who hopefully will be filming with,

I've i can get pictures/clips from the sessions I will share on here, but of ochre I know how important privacy is so will only share if poss, otherwise they will go straight into my wank bank haha

We have received a hellova lot of emails about the session day so thinking of organising another one pretty soon. Watch this space ;)

This was just a quick update of my thoughts whilst I was on the loo(I'm such a lady lol) 

Also.... Football bluurrggh stop ruining my fun!!

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