Monday, 14 July 2014

Doubles Day Update!! - just realised this didn't post...!

Just taking a nice hot bath and thought I would do a quick update, the doubles day went great. I had a good catch up with Black Honey aka Ms Saskia, and had an ever more amazing time during the sessions.

We both enjoyed alot of squashing, smothering and trampling.

The newbie did very well during his session, considering it was his first time. I had a lot of fun terrorising him ;). I also got gifted a new. "Dance floor" during one of the sessions, Sas and I enjoyed stomping the fuck out it. 

I've taken a few pictures, again only on my phone, and a short clip of the dance floor in action. Although not entirely sure how to upload the clip direct so may put it on my vevo.

We are planning another doubles day pretty soon due to the amount of sessions I had to turn down as there simply wasn't enough hours in the day. 
(Btw if you didn't receive a response about a session that was me turning it down, I had too many to reply to everyone plus my phone only stores a certain amount of emails so if you didn't get a reply straight away chances are your email got auto deleted) when we have the date for the next doubles day I am planning to log into my PC and email those who enquired before with the dates to give them a fair chance at booking... Chances are though I will forget so look out on the blog for the dates.


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