Wednesday, 1 July 2015

"Sunshine Lollipops and Sweaty Arses.....

Huzzah..!! I have a new iPad, thanks to one of you. Only just getting around to setting it up as been very busy,  I've started a new job which doesn't involve weekends or evenings so I still will be able to get up to as much mischief as I have time for. 
The weather had also been pretty amazing lately so have been enjoying alot of big juicy sausages at BBQ's and boozy evenings in beer gardens. 

Anyway... I need to get down to London and cause some damage and also arrange a session day up here. Not 100% sure Ms Saskia is doing sessions at the moment so just going to arrange just for me, however for those brave enough I have my Black BBW sister who is interested in doing double sessions with me ( there are other ladies in the background aswell for those who are a sucker for punishment, dno me an email to let me know interest and will get dates together).


So my mind drifted onto how hot and sticky my bum has been lately.... Imagining someone on there knees catching drops of sweat as they fall between my cheeks.... Il update the rest of this post when I get a moment


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