Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I'm baaaack

Good news is I'm back from my holiday, bad news is my iPad is fucked so all pictures I took for my blog are lost... 

(Congrats to those who messaged me whilst I were away and got pictures in there replies, cherish them forever 😉)

That's also the reason I haven't updated blog recently as takes awhile to on my phone... So until I get a new iPad or my current one fixed there are going to be limited updates......  For those who can't wait or want to please Empress here's my wish list... You can purchase me one from there

Finally rid of my previous employers!! Que plenty of fantasies of me destroying them all with my ass.. If someone wants to write me short stories about my prick of a boss that would be grand.

I won't be able to do any sessions for the next monthish as got a ton of things to catch up on.. Sort out.... Arrange.

Will update this further when I got a moment... New nails... Touch screen means this is taking forever

Update :  some bright spark reported my Vimeo account, so the short clips I put up there have gone... I have them around somewhere so will find a different platform to upload them tooo. Eventually 

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