Monday, 13 April 2015

Only just getting around to updating since London.

As you can see I didn't post my number in the end, was a crap little non smart phone which I named after my boss before I stamped it and threw it in the bin.  In the mean time email will have to do.

Was good to meet a lot of people whom I've only previously corresponded with via email. Thinking back on when I was very young I never would have thought I would have found so many people who were into the same thing as me!! As always was good to catch up with the regulars.

I didn't get a chance to meet up with all my friends down London so I'm planning another weekend down,will be either the back end of May or the middle of June. I wont be doing sessions the whole time but will do a few, message me if your interested and I will throw my proposed dates at you.

Since London I've also been to Amsterdam (busy as always). 

I have a few mini projects running in the background which we (Ms Saskia) are in the process of setting up. Hopefully this summer we shall be holding a little fet party. We have 7 wonderful naturally dominate ladies already lined up and have been in talks with someone who owns an apartment which can be rented for a day or two on a weekend. We just need to sort out a few little bits then I will post about all the details. 

And then.....

Just so it's not a shock to you all when i post to say it's happened. I'm currently looking into taking a career break from my day job so I can go traveling. Unsure how long for? Fuck knows. Will all depend on how long my work place will keep a job open for me.. Could be a month, could be 6 months or even a year.  This won't be for awhile though as still lots of planning to do before I go, but thought fuck it, might aswell whilst I'm still young, single,mortgage free and no kids!! may even bump into some of my international fet pals on my travels. I won't disappear from here. Il still be up to mischief where ever I go.

Tonight I will be mostly eating the chocolate brought for me for Easter, il also be on Skype if anyone thinks they can strike up a conversation which will catch my interest for longer than 5 mins add me 


I've got tomorrow off from work, and also managed to presuade (Blackmail) someone into taking me shopping. The sun is finally coming out so will be a day of alot of spending and foot rubs. Looking forward to it. 

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