Tuesday, 14 January 2014

It's almost my Birthday....

It's almost my Birthday and I've decided to set all that want to wish me a Happy Birthday a task, (a simple one that will put a smile on my face)

Send Black Empess a Happy Birthday picture, be as inventive or risky as possible. Examples of pictures I want are you tied and gagged with happy bday B.E written on ur chest,you with a red raw paddled bottom and happy bday written on your ass cheeks. Or how about you dressed up as a slut holding a happy bday sign for me. Pictures can be taken in public or in private and you can hide your face them as long as the pictures are humiliating. Email the pictures to me and put Happy Birthday in the subject.

Best picture/s will be added to my blog, don't send any pic's after 4th Feb.

Alternatively if you want to buy a Birthday gift, buy something off the below list labeled Birthday. You will have to email me once done as all gifts as sent anonymously.





  1. Happy birthday in advance, B.E. - pictures to follow............

  2. ;) thank you, looking forward to the pics