Thursday, 10 December 2015

Back for a little while

Been a hectic past couple of months, I haven't disappeared completely... I've been answering emails as and when I can.

Those who haven't had a reply from me message me again..

For those that don't know I've been ill again and haven't been able to be as active as I would have liked to be..

have however decided to start doing sessions again, although these will be limited. I won't be able to do any wrestling sessions or sessions that involve to much physical activities, I won't be able to do any hard sports, water sports I can do but with the amount of meds I'm on at the moment this won't be toilet based... So no swallowing of empresses golden necter for now.

In short it's mainly trampling / Squashing / Sitting sessions I will be doing, anything else drop me a message and will update.

For those who have visited MDFF

A review has been done of a recent session involving myself and a few friends, I do have another 3 ladies who join in on sessions if your brave enough. I will (eventually) update my blog to include more pictures and info on the ladies,

They vary in size and race but all very dominant, so will be great for anyone who has made it to my page ;)

At the moment they are not available for solo sessions, only group sessions ( one or more including me)

Message me for more info.

Here's a quick pic of our last session incase your not a member of mdff and can't see it on there 

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